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Meet the Wildcats: UK Baseball Player Storm Wilson

UK Football Assistant Coaches Receive Raises, Contract Extension

Coach Salary
  • Eddie Gran, Off. Coordinator - $825,000 (2017); $850,000 (2018); $875,000 (2019)
  • Matt House, Def. Coordinator - $650,000 yr. through 2019
  • Dean Hood, OLB/ST Coach - $350,000 yr. through 2018
  • Derrick LeBlanc, D-Line Coach - $300,000 yr. through 2018

Meet the Wildcats: UK Baseball Player Connor Heady

SEC Men's Basketball Schedule 2/22/17

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

  • 6:30 PM Vanderbilt vs Tennessee SEC NETWORK

  • 8:30 PM Texas A&M vs Arkansas SEC NETWORK

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Video/Transcript: UK Head Coach John Calipari Post UK 72 vs @Missouri 62 Game Comments Press Conference Interview

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Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari

Opening statement …

“Let me say this before we get started: I’ve watched tape the last couple days, watched it on the airplane and I knew we were coming here and I didn’t know much about the team. I watched the tape. And I told Kim (Anderson) before the game: For a team to be struggling win-loss wise—and I watched the Arkansas game. I watched the Vanderbilt game. I watched the Alabama game. I watched the Texas A&M game. And then I just watched them here fight like crazy. I’m going to say it again: That is coaching. They haven’t let go of the rope here. I loved it when the students (pause) cheered Kim when he walked in. What’d you think I was going to say? I mean, that means something to me. Because it’s not easy what I took over. And to see this. And they had a chance to beat us. They could easily beat us. I’m telling you, they had Alabama beat. They had A&M beat. They went to Tennessee and they struggled a little bit. They didn’t play as well. My hat’s off to him and I can’t imagine. I know it’s hard. Because to try to get a team to keep fighting, but what he’s done—my hat’s off to him.”

On Bam Adebayo …

“Well, let me say this: Somebody just told me that there are people out there saying, ‘Well, Bam’s not this and this.’ OK. Let me explain. If someone passes on him in the draft this year, they should be f-f-fired. And the reason is he can guard five positions. He’s not a guy that can’t guard pick-and-roll, can’t switch on a point guard. He guards all five positions. You saw him shooting free throws and, yes, I’m jamming him next to the basket. I think I did the same with Karl(-Anthony Towns) and I did the same with Anthony Davis. And I’m making him play next to the goal right now, but he can shoot. He can handle it. ‘Only thing he does is dunk.’ Yeah, he dunks. He’s going to dunk on your neck. He does that too, but he guards every position. For anybody to say, ‘Well, he’s not this and this.’ You’re not on an NBA team because if you were they’ll look back and you’ll get fired. If you’re taking a big guy that guard pick-and-roll and can’t guard and all he wants to do is shoot, yeah, I get that. That’s not this kid. So he goes for 25 and 12 tonight and I just couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s on a team where we’ve got some guards like shooting balls now. He just keeps playing. He doesn’t say much. And it’s on me to make sure we’re throwing him the ball more.”

On whether he called for Adebayo to get the ball when it was 52-52 …

“No, we went earlier than that in the half. He gets beat up. It’s, well, he’s big. They have to do that to guard him. I didn’t know that was a rule, but I guess it is. And he gets beat up in there and he still seemed to get balls in the basket.”

On what would have happened if Adebayo didn’t play that way …
“Oh, we lose. We lose. My guards—one guard missed five layups and the other guard couldn’t make a jump shot until the one mattered and then they made free throws. And I told them the one thing I like is that when in tight games they make every free throw down the stretch, which is a big deal. But we’re just—we got some holes, and most of it is just confident players. I mean, I was so happy Mychal (Mulder) made that 3 because he just played so—even Dom (Hawkins) didn’t play with the confidence and Derek (Willis) looked like—like, what are you doing? So we had some of that and I don’t know why, but I told them after the game: Now’s not the time to be antsy. It’s when if you lose your season ends. That’s not this. Why are you playing this way? And most of it is just telling them to compete, but they came in a gym and this is every game we play, just so you know, that the other team plays out of their minds. But I come back to: Think about it. There are teams right now letting go of the rope. Missouri – or, as my father-in-law would say, Missoura – isn’t one of them. They are not letting go of the rope.”

On how other teams playing fired up affects his teams …
“We didn’t have a great practice, we didn’t have a great shootaround today and I was a little disappointed, but these kids are not robots. They’re not computers. I’m trying to do less. I’m trying to back up and have the staff do more, but I had to get on some guys today. Just some of it lack of confidence. Come on, man. Just play. They just outfought us. They got 50/50 balls, balls on the floor. There were balls like we acted like they weren’t playing. Like that one rebound that – the game came out of nowhere. We had four guys around it and everybody ran from it like they’re not playing.

“How about they had nine turnovers? We’re a pretty aggressive team now. I’m just telling you, when I watched the tape, their execution offensively, their fight, what they’re doing, I’m sitting in there (and) I got sick watching the tape.”

On Isaiah Briscoe’s up-and-down play …
“No, he was better today. It took him two, three weeks to get to where he was. Now it’s going to take him some time to get out of it. And we’re only in the first week of it. He’s probably two weeks away from really breaking what he needs to do to get back to where he was. I just said, ‘As a team, as an individual player, what were you doing that got you on this path? Stop! Don’t do that anymore. Go back to what you were doing, the mission you were on, the time in the gym you spent, all the things you were doing, do it again. But you’re going to have to do it over two, three straight weeks or you stay where you are.”

On Kentucky bucking the trend of teams shooting better against it in the second half …
“We were struggling in the pick-and-roll so we started switching stuff. They had open shots that they missed, but like I said, I’m glad we rebounded the ball. Bam gets 15 (rebounds). He’s a beast.”

On what he said to get the technical foul in the second half …
“I can say this: I did not swear, but I did deserve it. I did deserve it, I’ll just say that. But I did not swear. I don’t swear. I was at mass this morning with all of the kids at the Catholic church, begging forgiveness knowing I was going to get a technical tonight. Please, in advance I’m asking for forgiveness.”

On finishing strong and how that transitions to Saturday’s game against Florida …
“Well, we’re going to have to play better, but again, it was a happy locker room. Look, you have to enjoy winning in this or just stop, especially as a coach. You gotta – you play bad and win, that’s too bad, we won, I’m ecstatic. You’ll see, I’ll be skipping on the way out the door. We’ll figure out what we’re doing and we’ll try to correct it. So, the only thing I told them after was you know we’re not where we need to be. We gotta start getting better and I also said we got guys in the room that aren’t playing confident enough.

“Wenyen (Gabriel’s) 3 was a big 3. I was so happy because he was playing shaky, but he made that one and it was a big one, it stretched the game out. So, we did have some of those things happen, but we’re just moving along trying to figure this thing out.

“This is every year that I coach and the reason is every year it’s a new team. It takes other teams half a year to figure out how we have to guard them because they don’t know these guys, they never saw them before, it’s a new team. By midseason you know this is how they’re guarding us and then we gotta figure out how we’re playing against that. Then the other side of it is there are things that work and things that don’t work. As the year goes on you’re just peeling stuff off, and adding stuff, and trying, and tweaking, and rebooting, and then at the end you just hope you didn’t run out of runway, you landed the plane. Last year, ran out of runway. The years before that, we touched down. One year, we touched down and the nose hit the fence, but we touched down. Just how it is.”

On how Missouri guard Terrence Phillips played …
“Oh, he played great, played great. (Number) 15 (Jordan Geist) played great too. He’s not afraid. Like I said, they fought and got out alive. Seventeen turnovers. Can you imagine? We were the least amount of turnovers in the country per game probably four weeks ago, five weeks ago.”

On the difference between the last 6:30 of the game and before that …
“I don’t know, I’ll have to watch the tape. I’ll have to watch the tape.

“By the way, at halftime, the girl (Laura Rutledge) asked me a question - folks, she came over to apologize after the game. I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I have no idea.’ If the other team, if I walk in the building and they’re not cussing me, booing me, I will retire. It’s time to retire. If I walk in an opponent’s court and they’re cheering me, either you should fire me or I should be retired. She looked at me and said, ‘I apologize.’ ‘What? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. We just Missouri, I’m happy as heck. Beat it, you’re good. Don’t worry about me.’ ”

Video/Transcript: UK Player Bam Adebayo Post UK 72 vs @Missouri 62 Game Comments Press Conference Interview

Video courtesy of kywildcatstv

#3 Bam Adebayo, F

On how he played tonight …

“I feel like I played great. We came out with the W so I couldn’t be happier.”

On what made the difference for him …
“Just being in the right position at the right time. That was pretty much it. Working on footwork, getting in front of post players and just coming with energy.”

On whether Cal was telling his teammates to get him the ball …
“Through our offense, you can throw it to me or if you’re open shoot it. So it wasn’t really a big emphasis on getting me the ball. But down the stretch they got me the ball, so we won.”

On whether a play was called to get him the ball when the score was tied 52-52 …
“Some of their big men were in foul trouble and we took control of that and we capitalized.”

On the difference in his rebounding …“As I said before, just being in the right position. Just holding my man off and getting the rebound.”

On whether they were inspired by Missouri’s energy …
“No, because everywhere we play, home or away, it’s everybody’s Super Bowl. So they’re trying to beat us and we came out slow at first and then we got going and we won.”

On why they started slow ...
“It’s a long game. What time did we play? We played at 9 technically, at home (Eastern Time). So it’s a long day. Everybody was just laying around ready for the game. We just came out slow. We got in our groove and we came out with a W.”

On Saturday’s game vs. Florida …
“We’re going to come out with intensity, we’re going to have and we’ll see where this thing goes.”

Transcript: Missouri Head Coach Kim Anderson, Players Terrence Phillips, Jordan Barnett Post - UK 72 vs @Missouri 62 Game Comments

Missouri Head Coach Kim Anderson, Players Terrence Phillips, Jordan Barnett Post - UK 72 vs @Missouri 62 Game Comments

Opening Statement…

“We got the game played about the way we wanted to. We tried to not turn it into an up-and-down game, we wanted to control the tempo. We were fortunate that Monk and Fox didn’t shoot the ball great, Briscoe got in foul trouble, but I don’t want to take away anything from our guys. We played really hard, but we just couldn’t make key shots when we needed to in the second half when we got the game tied up. At 52-52, then we went on a little drought. We just couldn’t get back over the hump. They did a great job with getting the ball down to Adebayo down the stretch. We tried to double, which worked a little bit, but you know he goes double-double. I’m proud of my guys, always have been. I thought we played our rear ends off and we had chances but we just couldn’t take advantage of them.”

On facing No. 11 Kentucky...
“I think every game is winnable. Obviously, some are harder than others and I would rank this toward the top in difficulty. This is a really good basketball team. For me, watching this team and preparing for this team, I think they really have good chemistry and we were able to disrupt that a little bit. They understand their roles and know who to get the ball to when they need to win the game and tonight they got it to Bam Adebayo. When you have three or four weapons that makes it tough.”

On fan presence...
“The crowd makes a huge difference. I’ve always said that a large crowd gets your guys going. I thought that was a big part of tonight’s game. I walked out there and saw the stands full and it was pretty impressive. I wish the students and the people that have tickets would come more. I certainly appreciate everyone that came tonight and I really appreciate the people that come all the time.”

On preparing for Kentucky...
“What we talked about coming into the game was transition defense and rebounding. We felt like those were two really key things for us. We made them play a little bit more in the half court. They are still good, but they only scored 72 points and their average is 80-something. We tried to slow the game down in the half court.”

On Coach Calipari...
“There is nobody in America that is more supportive of coaches than John Calipari. I go sit in coaches’ meetings with him and he is supportive of everybody else. He could very easily take a nap during the meetings, but he is supportive of everybody and he fights for all the coaches. I told him before the game that I appreciate the way that he has supported coaches in general.”

Mizzou guard Terrence Phillips

On the energy of the fans...

“It was wonderful. When we came back out, for the last time for the start of the game. I turned around and there was a sea of black shirts. I was like ‘wow’. It was wonderful to have those students there, to build that energy. And from the start, I went out there and clapped. I was so excited to have those students there and I am very thankful from them to be there tonight.”

Mizzou forward Jordan Barnett

On the end of the game…

“There are some positives to take. We understand that we compete with one of the best teams in the conference. But the story of the season is that we have to finish games. It is just something that we still have to continue to work on because it seemed like we ran out of gas at the end. We just have to work.”

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