Wednesday, August 30, 2006

2006 UK/UL Football Game Question

How can we beat the mighty Cards?

A 22 point dog! Playing not one but two Heisman hopefuls! Playing in the self proclaimed greatest sports town in America.
Why are we making the 70 mile trip north? TO BEAT THEM!! Here's how:

1. Turnovers: Look no further than the 2nd quarter of last years game. We heard last spring, this summer and this fall about ball security. Hopefully coach Sanders has been able to help Andre in this phase of the game. Another 2nd quarter fiasco and it does not matter how pretty a sprial Andre throws.

2. Special Teams: Remember Brook's 1st game. A blocked punt and a bad snap on a punt and this is the margain of victory for UL. Masthay has been anything but consistent. I do think Little or Burton could make a game changing play on a punt or kick-off return.

3. Rushing Attempts: I would not really be worried about rushing yards that will take care of itself. If UK runs 65 plays and can run the ball 40-45 times then they win. They can control the ball and milk the clock. This keeps UL potent offense off the field.

4. Control the LOS: UL is replacing 75% of their DL and 60% of their OL. While I am sure the new guys are very talented I don't see them as strong as last years groups. In the 2nd half of the game last year we were able to get a rush on BB with only 4 guys. The UL OL is less experienced and our DL is more experiecned. Same goes for our OL vs their DL.

UK has to play a "more perfect" game than UL, but by running the ball they limit their chances for mistakes. Our Cats control the ball and the LOS and beat the Cards!

How can you really respect a team who paints their logo on sewage silos anyway?

Written by: Bigbluemist

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cawood Ledford "The Voice of the Wildcats" Memories

Cawood Ledford
"Voice of theWildcats"
From 1953-1992

Today -- with ESPN, the deuce, Classic, CBS, Fox, ABC and special packages to purchase – it’s pretty simple to make sure we can catch our beloved Wildcats on the gridiron and hardwood.

For many of us, we didn’t grow up with all of that. For years autumn afternoons meant that we had ABC -- and one game, maybe two. In the winter, we had one college basketball game on Saturday and one on Sunday. If you were fortunate enough to live in “God’s country” or in the SEC TV market, you were able to see the biggest basketball draw in the SEC play on TV more often than not, and be covered by John Ferguson and Joe “String Music” Dean. If UK wasn’t on that Saturday, you could tune into either UK’s network for a delayed telecast in some cases.

If you weren’t one of those lucky ones and didn’t live in the Commonwealth anymore -- more than likely you were driving in your car at night, up on a mountain in the Carolinas, or an old country road or an interstate somewhere in order to hear Cawood Ledford call the game.

Decades before we got tired of pACCker, Vitale, or Musburger’s banter, or it became vogue to do so across the country to turn down the TV to hear Tom Leach or one’s home team announcer -- Kentuckians were doing that in order to hear “the truth” about what was happening in the game as only Cawood Ledford could describe it.

When I lived in Chapel Hill during the early 80s, my Tar Heel friends (there were no dUKe fans to speak of – and I can attest to that since I used to walk right in Cameron and sit behind dUKe’s bench after getting a ticket at game time – something that has NEVER happened at UK!) had never heard of anyone getting in their car on an overcast night in the winter to find a place where they could tune in a radio station (“ YOU MEAN YOU CAN TUNE IN A KENTUCKY BASKETBALL GAME ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE?!?!? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?!”) to hear their alma mater’s basketball game.

Unless you’ve grown up in Lexington or any place in Kentucky and listened to Cawood Ledford call a UK game over the radio – you won’t understand how important it used to be to find a way to be “taken back home” by finding Cawood’s voice on the radio dial each winter until he retired in 1992.Although not a great friend of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball program with his pen through the years – Sports Illustrated’s Alexander Wolff had this to say about Cawood during the 1992 NCAA tournament; "Somewhere over the Rockies, I dial Teamline from an Airfone at my Planeseat and listen to Kentucky take an eight point halftime lead over Iowa State. You haven't lived, friends, until you've heard the heavenly voice of Wildcat radio announcer Cawood Ledford at 39,000 feet."

That’s an outsider’s opinion of “College Basketball’s Announcer of the Century” and he didn’t even get to hear him describe a game from Alligator Alley or Stokely.

ONLY Cawood could get on our ‘Cats and get away with it. God help pACCker or Vitale if they are to ever say a bad thing about the play of UK’s Wildcats. Harsh comments were only allowed by Cawood! Nobody else!

I had the pleasure of meeting Cawood on the floor of the Coliseum when I was an undergrad at UK. He pulled a Jaguar up in front and got out. He was wearing a three-piece suit. We spoke and I told him among other things that I believed he was the "greatest" and that it was an honor to meet him.

I don't remember exactly what the occasion was, but I was star-struck. I is the Voice of the Wildcats talking to me like we're fast friends or something. Nothing else was on his mind...and I know he had some business to conduct or a meeting to attend, but he was a complete gentleman. I've lived in Michigan for 12 years now, and I am often called a "gentlemen" by people I encounter in business, at the mall (holding doors open) and at church. Having said that -- I'm NOTHING like Cawood was to an ole college boy.

In high school, I was voted several things as a senior but what I always get a chuckle out of is that I was voted "Most Likely to Replace Cawood Ledford." I did some radio work and public address announcing. In fact, I was the "minor sports PA announcer" for UK sports during much of my last two years in Lexington. Of course I would have never been able to stay and work for Cawood's job -- but that was what I thought I wanted after realizing that a career on the field was out of the question at the time.

The real thing is that my true appreciation for his work came when I moved to Chapel Hill and ultimately all over the southeast. Hearing his voice come through WHAS or WSAI (?) brought me home and gave me comfort and chills that one can’t describe unless you’ve “been there.

”He was the greatest of all-time. As a matter of fact … Gannet News Services (USA Today's parent organization) voted Cawood Ledford "The Greatest College Basketball Announcer of All-Time" after he retired.

As we prepare for another eight months of UK’s revenue generating sports to begin – I just thought I’d share a bit of “what it used to be like to spend some time finding Cawood on the radio dial” in order to keep up with the flagship program of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I think it would be great to have others share stories of Cawood Ledford and to what lengths they took to find his voice on a “crackly” radio during winter nights to hear OUR ‘Wildcats!

Go Big Blue!!!

Written By: Bogansback2basil

Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Basketball Recruiting NEWS on PATTERSON & LUCAS

Patrick Patterson & Jai Lucas

I read the Lex. Herald article about Patterson and Lucas and decided to try and dig up some info this morning and I found some.
I called my contact and ask about the situation and this is what he told me:
He said, Lucas wants to commit now and will in just a matter of time (if, I was given a time frame I would tell you guys I just wasnt gave one), but the way he talked I would look for a commit sooner than later. He said, Lucas is still trying to get Patterson to sway on the UK side as heavily as he is. I was told Patterson has UK in the lead on his list. Also Lucas is waiting on Patterson because he wants them to announce around the same time frame or even maybe together. So what I was told basically is that Lucas is UK's and Patterson isn't far behind. Also I was told that a visit from Stewart isnt that far off, maybe a in home from Tubby soon and he will be at Midnight Madness. I think at the in home Tubby will offer A.J. and he accepts. So a class with Patterson, Lucas, and Stewart wouldnt look that bad, huh. I ask about Pettigrew as well, but he didnt know that much just said, that if UK offers he will accept soon after. So add him with the others and thats a good class. So lets just hope everything falls in to place thanks.

Written By: Fewfirstchoice

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moving closer to kick-off!!

We are less than 2 weeks away before we kick-off the season vs our feathered friends (enemies?) to the north.

The QB battle has been the highlight of the fall. Coach says he is close to making a decision. Before fall camp I figured it would be CP. AW was placed #1 on the depth chart before camp and it seems he has not done anything to lose it.

Every offensive coach you see quoted in the paper talks of ball security. It seems AW might have learned his lesson. Count me as one who will have to "see it to believe it."

Have some of the WR's stepped up? Our resident true blue fan, louisvillecardinals and his 25 years of being a UK fan thinks we will struggle without Joe Joe Brown.

I think Keenan Burton and Demoreo Ford will be very solid! David Jones just made the move over to offense. You saw from watching him return kicks last year he's got some skills in the open field! How much of the offense has he picked up in a short time? Steve Johnson might not be as productive as some hope, early. Go back and think of Boone and other JUCO WR's. It will take some time to adjust. I really liked what I saw from Strickland on fan day, but again, he is a true freshman.

The big uglies still have some battles to finish. Will the LT be G. Williams or Alexander? Christian Johnson or Fatu at LG?

The DL might be the best we have seen for a number of years in Lexington!

I like the LB's of Johnny Williams, Kelly and Woodyard. Micah will see his fair share of snaps vs. UL. I think his PT will increase as the season moves forward. Again, he is a freshmen and still learning the college game.

The DB's are the most athletic we've seen, but not much seasoning. If the front 7 can get a good push this will only help.

The biggest issue is punting. I can run a 40 yard dash faster than Masthay can get a punt off. Can he get it off under a huge rush? Will it go more than 20 yards?

I'm getting pumped and ready to kick some Cardinal ass!

Written By: Bigbluemist

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Mark Coury
No: 42
Position: Forward
Ht./Wt.: 6-9/239
Class/Exp.: FR/HS
Hometown: West Bloomfield, Mich.
High School: Detroit County Day

Perry Stevenson

No: 21
Position: Forward
Ht./Wt. 6-9/178
Class/Exp.: FR/HS
Hometown: Lafayette, La
High School: Northside

Derrick Jasper

No: 5
Position: Gaurd
Ht./Wt.: 6-6/213
Class/Exp.: FR/HS
Hometown: Paso Robles,Calif.
High School: Paso Robles

Michael Porter

No: 1
Position: Gaurd
Ht./Wt.: 6-2/180
Class/Exp.: FR/HS
Hometown: Modesto, Calif.
High School: Modesto Christain

Jodie Meeks

No: 20
Position: Guard
Ht./Wt.: 6-5/206
Class/Exp.: FR/HS
Hometown: Norcross,Ga.
High School: Norcross

For more info on these Freshmen & the rest of the 2006-07
Men's Basketball team check out

Thursday, August 17, 2006

UK 2006-07 Men's Basketball Schedule

Nov. 2 LINDSEY WILSON (Exh) [BBSN], 7 p.m.
Nov. 15 MIAMI, OH [FSN South#], 7 p.m.
Nov. 17 MVSU [FSN South#], 7 p.m.
Nov. 20 DePaul (Maui) [ESPN2]
Nov. 21 TBA (Maui) [TBA]
Nov. 22 TBA (Maui) [TBA]
Nov. 28 COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON [FSN South#], 7 p.m.
Dec. 2 at North Carolina [CBS], noon
Dec. 5 Chattanooga (Lou.) [BBSN], 7 p.m.
Dec. 9 INDIANA [CBS], 3:30 p.m.
Dec. 16 at Louisville [CBS], 1:30 p.m.
Dec. 19 SANTA CLARA [FSN South#], 7 p.m.
Dec. 22 UMASS [BBSN], 7 p.m.
Jan. 3 HOUSTON [FSN South#], 7 p.m.
Jan. 6 at Ole Miss, TBA
Jan. 10 AUBURN [LFS], 8 p.m.
Jan. 16 at South Carolina [ESPN], 9 p.m.
Jan. 20 VANDERBILT [LFS], 3 p.m.
Jan. 24 at Georgia [LFS], 8 p.m.
Jan. 28 TENNESSEE [CBS], 1 p.m.
Feb. 3 at Arkansas [LFS], 1 p.m.
Feb. 7 SOUTH CAROLINA [LFS], 8 p.m.
Feb. 10 FLORIDA [ESPN], 9 p.m.
Feb. 13 at Tennessee [ESPN], 7 p.m.
Feb. 17 at Alabama [LFS], 3 p.m.
Feb. 20 LSU [ESPN], 9 p.m.
Feb. 25 at Vanderbilt [LFS], 2 p.m.
Feb. 28 GEORGIA [LFS], 8 p.m.
Mar. 4 at Florida [CBS], Noon
All Home Games in Bold
*LFS(New JPSports)
Schedule info from

UK 2006 Football Schedule

September 3 Sun at Louisville (ESPN) Louisville, Ky. 08:00 pm
September 9 Sat Texas State Lexington, Ky. 06:00 pm
September 16 Sat Ole Miss Lexington, Ky. 06:00 pm
September 23 Sat Florida Gainesville, Fla. TBA
September 30 Sat Central Michigan Lexington, Ky. 06:00 pm
October 7 Sat at South Carolina Lexington, Ky. 07:00 pm
October 14 Sat LSU Baton Rouge, La. TBA
October 28 Sat Mississippi State Starkville, Miss TBA
November 4 Sat Georgia Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
November 11 Sat Vanderbilt Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
November 18 Sat Louisiana-Monroe Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
November 25 Sat Tennessee Knoxville, Tenn. TBA
All Home Games in Bold.
Schelude info from

Sunday, August 13, 2006

UK 2006 Football Fan Day

This was only the 2nd time I have been. The first was last year. I won't say the turnout was double from last year, but man, there were a bunch of people supporting the kids and staff.

I looked at different times and the lines for RB and LB's was somewhere from 45-50 yards long.

Gang, IMO we are much more of an athletic football team than I have seen in the last 8-10 years.

Alot of people have been worried about the WR's. Don't! John Logan made some tough catches in traffic. A great one for a TD! Let's hope John can get the confidence he needs. Steve Johnson has some good YAC. Lyons and Ford looked good as well. Michael Strickland, the freshmen made a nice run after catching a slip screen. I think he gets some PT this year. Darrell Stevens ran some good routes, got open but had a case of the drops. He is young and will improve. He and Terrence Jones both look like good athletic kids who need to learn the college game.

The starting OL was: (left to right)
Alexander, Johnson, Cutch, Aitchenson and Lane. I saw alot of improvement from them vs our 1st team DL since the spring game last year.

Tony Dixon is dangerous in space. He caught a short pass and picked up some nice yardage. Smith is tough as well. Raffy, is well Raffy. The best we've had in a while. A special kid.

The DL was:
White, Mills, Pryor and Lewis. They can play gang. I think we have a chance to surprise some people on defense.

The starting LB's were:
Woodyard, McGrath and Williams. I think something has finally clicked with Johnny. He is a special athlete who can run! Sam Maxwell is already running 2nd team LB. I looked up one time and saw a group of Williams, Kelly and Woodyard. SEC speed guys with kids who can hit. Micah played and looked good. HE IS STILL A FRESHMEN, but a special one.

I worry about the DB's.
The CB's were Booker and Lindley. R.WIlliams and McClinton started at S. Lindley got beat deep on a TD pass to Burton. Cobb, Jarrell Williams and Warford and good looking athletes. We are more athletic here, just young.

Punting- the only think is it "STINKS BAD"!!
I think Masthy is still trying to get the ball off. I can run a 40 yard dash before he kicks the ball.

What am I forgetting? Yes, the QB's.
In my limited knowledge I could not separate them after the scrimmage. If anybody tells you CP can't throw the ball. Tell them to jump in a lake. He is special!!! He made a nice 60 yd jaunt for a TD.

Last year at fan day AW seemed somewhat passive. When we went through the line yesterday he was great with the kids and very talkative. Is this a prelude to being a leader? I don't know, but he did seem more confident in this setting than he was last year.

Not surprising, he made some great throws in the scrimmage. He also seemed to do a much better job of going to his 2nd and 3rd receiver. Of course he had some time in the pocket. He tucked the ball and made some good runs. He did have one picked off a batted ball early. This will be a great race through the pre-season.

Written By: Bigbluemist

UK's 2006 Season Record? My Picks

OK, guys and gals. Print this, so you can come back in November and ask for lottery numbers or laugh your fanny off! LOL

The early game benefits the Cats this year as UL has to replace guys on the OL/DL. Make no mistake UL is talented and Mr. Brohm and Mr. Bush are NFL players.UK will try and establish Raffy on the ground. Look for CP to make a big scramble on 3rd down late in the 4th to seal it. I think this was made with my heart?
UK 34 - UL 27 (1-0)

Texas St
This has always been a hangover game for UK. It will be close at the half, but look for UK to get it in gear in the 2nd half.
UK 42 - Tex St 32 (2-0)

Ole Miss
The ? for Ole Miss is will Brent Schaffer ever get his classes done to enroll? Remember IU RB Benjarivs Green (sp?)? He is now at Ole Miss.UK gets an early SEC win.
UK 27 - Ole Miss 14 (3-0)

The Cats are getting better. They are not this much better.
UF 38 - UK 21 (3-1)

Central Michigan
This game allows UK to play some younger kids to get ready for the rest of the grind.
UK 45 - Central Mich 24 (4-1)

South Carolina
Mr. Visor is back in Lexington to check on his famous horse farm he bought a couple of years ago. I always view this game as a barometer of UK's season. We were in the game at Columbia last year when we had 4 TO's in the span of 5-6 plays which lead to a beating. How are our WR's doing? What about the CB's? Has SC been able to replace their 7 defensive starters they lost from 2005?
UK 27 - SC 24 (5-1)

The Tigers will not need a Bluegrass Miracle this year. Too much talent and this is a very tough place to play.
LSU 38 - UK 20 (5-2)

@ Miss ST
You will see the 2004 UK team when you see this years version of MSU. Probation is getting ready to smack Croom and the boys like it did us.
UK 27 - MSU 10 (6-2)

Watch the thoroughbreds at the Breeders Cup or the thoroughbreds know as the Georgia Bulldogs? Too much talent for the Dogs.
UGA 37 - UK 24 (6-3)

Vandy gets new QB from Arizona to play catch with Earl Bennett. Would he not look great in blue? Vandy will want some revenge for UK coming down there and ruining their bowl season last year. Won't happen.
UK 24 - Vandy 14 (7-3)

These boys are not scared. This will be ULM's third try at a SEC team this season. Will UK be looking ahead to the Vols?
UK 28 - ULM 24 (8-3)

We've lost 20 in a row!! It will be interesting to see how the Vols and Phat Phill come back from last year? I don't see it....this year. 2007 we beat the Rocky Top twerps!!
UT 32 - UK 21

I think I just picked us to win 8 games? I am the eternal optimist. I think we can get the Cards early and as stated above I think SC is the swing game for us. Even if I was overly optimistic I still see 6 wins at a minimum.

Written By: Bigbluemist

Saturday, August 12, 2006

UK 2006-07 Basketball

Summers end is upon us, what does this mean? The end of MLB is drawing near,the start of the NFL season is right around the corner. But let me tell you what it means to us here at Thunder, true Kenutucky fans through and through, UK basketball is just a couple short months away. With this in mind I think it would be a great time to take a look at the upcoming UK roster and speculate on who the starters should and maybe.

First lets take a look at the Guards who will try to run the UK team this season.
Ramel Bradley 6-1 170lbs Jr.
This young man should start as UK's PG this season. Hes a quick guard has exellent handle and a decent shot. If he can improve his play making he should make a exellent floor general.
Joe Crawford 6-5 215lbs Jr.
Should step into the starting SG spot this season. He is equiped with a better than average jumpshot, and exellent hoops. If Joe picks up his speed and handle with the ball he will prove to be a great go to guy for UK when they need a basket in 06-07.

Now lets take a look at the guys who will backup Crawford and Bradley this season. UK will have to rely on 3 freshman guards to provide some decent relief for the starters.
Jodie Meeks 6-4 200lbs Fr. 4**** recruit
He is a slasher/scorer who should do a good job early for UK in a pretty asking role has a freshman. He has a exellent body he can also bang down low when it needs to be done.
Derek Jasper 6-5 205 Fr. 4**** recruit
Jasper is a guy who probably will not be ask to score so much, but will be relyed on for leadership early on. He is a exellent ball handler who can score when he needs to by either shooting the 3 or posting up smaller PG's.
Michael Porter 6-2 193lbs Fr. 3*** recruit
Porter is a kid who shouldnt be ask to do as much as Meeks and Jasper early on. He will be able to sit and learn the program then contribute by his Jr. season.

Now lets run down UK's forwards for the 06-07 season.
Bobby Perry 6-6 F 225lbs Sr.
Perry is a guy who came on strong in last years NCAA tourney, lets hope he keeps it up. Bobby is a player that does everthing good but nothing great. He is also a wonderful student and outstanding citizen. Perry should be the starting SF for UK this season.
Randolph Morris 6-10 270lbs Jr.
Im going out on a limb here but I think Morris shold start at the PF this year instead of at Center. This will make UK a bigger and much better rebounding team. Morris is a strong rebounder and scorer inside the paint when he plays with aggression and smarts. Lets hope Tubby can light a fire under this big guys rear so he will play to his ability.

There will be 2 guys to backup Perry and Morris at the forward positions this season.
Sheray Thomas 6-7 238lbs Sr.
Sheray is a young man with a lot of talent but doesn't play with a great amount of heart sometimes. He had a decent Freshman season, but had a setback his Sophmore year because of a illness. He can play big inside and rebound with the best of them when he tries his hardest. He also has a better than average shot for a big guy.
Perry Stevenson 6-9 190lbs Fr. 4**** recruit
Stevenson is a major wildcard this year. He has alot of promise, but many question his body at this stage. He has alot of heart and will never quit. He is a good leaper who can rebound with the best of the incoming freshman around college. I believe he will contribute more than some think but a year of college to help develope his body will do wonders for this kid.

Centers who will play there, and what can we expect from the postion?
Jared Carter 7-2 260lbs So.
I think Carter will start at C for the same reason I believe Morris will start at PF, it just will make UK a better Basketball team. Carter attended the big man camp this off season and put muscle and pounds on his big frame. Carter showed promise last season when he played and should prove to be a major key to UK this year. Jared can shoot the Hook with either hand and has a decent face up shot as well. He needs to work more on his back to the basket but he will come around. He is also a better rebounder than most give him credit for. Carter will be one of the better C in the SEC this season.
Lukasz Obrzut (WOO) 7-1 275lbs Sr.
Woo will be used at both PF and C which I think he is more of a PF than a C. Woo has a good face up game for a 7 footer. He has problems backing guys down but has showed signs of great moves around the basket at times.Woos shot is above average and can even step out to the 3 point line and make a basket at times. He will be a decent backup this year at PF and C positions.

Walkons,Walkons,and more Walkons.
UK seems to add 2 or 3 walkons a year every year. This season we have 2 new ones.
Dwight Perry G
Not sure what to expect from him but he is Bobbys cousin.
Trey Frazor G
Also never seen this kid play before so cant respond to his game either. But you can say this about walkons they always seem to play with alot of heart and give it all they have in practice and games. They should at least make good practice squad team mates.

UK basketball, what do we make of it?
Well, I for one believe this season will be more productive than last year. UK will have a PG that can shoot the rock and handle it almost as good as Rondo. Crawford should be in his normal SG position, so he shouldn't have to match up against guys taller and heavier than himself. He should be able to post up or drive to the hole at will this season. If Tubby goes to the bigger lineup I feel UK will have a better team than most realize around the state. Carter, Morris and Crawford will be the keys to the season. If they play to the level they are capable of UK will be back in the national spot light in 06-07 write it down.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006


The end of July signals the trade deadline in Major League Baseball, fall camps for the NFL & another season of UK Football.Its been sometime since there has been such a buzz around UK Football. Rich Brooks has taken his share of criticism during his brief tenure at UK. Much of it unjust, IMO.Coach Brooks did not create the problems that have plagued UK Football the last few seasons! He has done a better than admireable job in recruiting actual football talent to UK. For the first time in his tenure fans can actually have a discussion over who should be one or two on the depth chart!
Lets see what we got:
QB- Andre Woodson throws a pretty ball. Like the old Braves, "Chicks dig the long ball!" Coach Phillips & Joker love the ball secuirity.It might not be as sexy as the 60 yard pass, but it won't get you beat either. This one comes down to secuity. Curtis Pully is under center when we open vs. Louisville.
RB-Rafeal Little is getting alot of preseason pub. He should! UK has a nice rotation of RB's in Little, Dixon, & Alphonso Smith. I don't think it will be a hugh surpirse to see UK run the ball, ALOT this season.
OL-This is where alot of fun can be had discussing starters. Here is my guess:LT-Miller,LG-Turitur, if healthy. He won this spot in the spring of 2005.C-MCuthcan,RG-C Johnson,RT-Lane, Hayden seems to take as much criticism as Brooks, but the fact is he is a 5th year senior who always seems to hold onto his job. If Coach Heggins thinks he one of his five best OL, I trust him over the fans. Look for added depth with Trai Williams, Garry Williams, Zack Hennis & Jorge Gonzlez.
WR-Can Keenan Burton stay healthy? Will Lyons and/or Logan ever get their act together? Who staps up on the other side of Burton? Can Duncan,Bogue and Drake provide some depth at TE? Some big questions to be answered. We will know the answers pretty early in the season. Demoreo Ford will have a big season. He looked fearless to me in the spring game. Jo Jo Brown makes for a nice target at 6'3 190 over the middle. Jacob Tamme will make the offense much better than what we saw in the spring. I look for this unit to have a solid productive fall season.
DL-We have a better than solid group of DT's. Pryor,Jenkins,Legar,Mills & Abren. You will see UK being able to stop the run this season. We are strong up the middle. I think Durrell White plays a hugh role on the succees of the UK defense. UK had no pass rush last year. We will get a push up the middle, can we get one on the outside? JD Craigman looks the part from pictures I've seen. Jeremy Jarmon is needed to help in the rotation. Nii Onikue will be a starter. I still think Mr. Johnson here before too long.
LB-Welsey Woodyard is All-SEC. We know what we get here. Marby is a solid back up. The SLB will be Schular, Williams or Maxwell.This should be interesting to watch. Everybody is ready to hand the MLB to job to Micah. I think everybody understands why. Anybody remember Braxton Kelley or Ben McGrath? Kelley was 2nd team Freshman AA at a position he never played, in his life! McGrath came in after Kelly went down with an ACL & was Mr. Consistency. Micah might be more athletic than these two, but they know the system & where to be.
DB-This position has been hit the hardest since the end of last season. Trevard Lindley had a great spring and won one job. Look for Jones,Jarrell Williams or Shomari Moore to win the other spot. Marcu McClinton is with Roger Williams. Mike Schwindel had a solid spring. Ashton Cobb, the freshman from PA will be in the rotation sooner than later.There is a question as to which freshman will get some serious PT. Coach has said, anywhere from 7-10 . I really did not include them to much in this breakdown other than Cobbs & Johnson.I am excited about this football season as I have any in a very long time. UK is getting ready to turn the corner in football & Coach Brooks will finally get the respect he deserves!

Written By: BigBlueMist