Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Outstanding Freshman" Jodie Meeks

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It's not a work of art, but it's mine..lol

I’m no recruiting or basketball analyst. In fact I have no credentials to speak of besides the fact that I’m a UK alum and I’ve watched basketball for the last 35+ years. I have seen a lot of players come and go through the college ranks and I’ve even known a few personally, but I don’t pretend to have any special knowledge. I’m also not a writer by any stretch of the imagination. So the following is simply one fans opinion of one of our UK basketball freshman.

My first impression of Jodie Meeks came at the 2006 Debry Festival Classic. I came away from the weekend impressed with all 3 of UK’s recruits that attended, but Meeks really stood out. In the 2 on 2 on competition you really got a sense of the type of player he’s been so far during his freshman year. He was fearless challenging the big men going to hole and drawing contact. A little streaky from outside the arc, but his form looked solid. Most of all you got a sense of his competitive nature. During the game the next day you saw more of the same. But I also got to see a team player, which is uncommon for high school all-star games. By the second half it was apparent to anyone watching that Meeks more concerned with winning the ball game then he was in “getting his”. Then of course came the ending, that I know you all heard/read about. Down 1, in a hostile environment Jodie steps up to the line shooting 2. The UofL fans were loud and obnoxious as usual but Jodie just calmly knocked them both down like he was shooting in his backyard. It’s now apparent that the confidence he showed that night was not an aberration.

Now, it’s over half way through his freshman season. He’s averaging 7 points per game which is good but not overwhelming for a freshman. He’s also shooting 34% from 3, 86% from the line, and grabbing almost 3 rebounds per contest. Those are solid numbers for a freshman on a fairly low scoring club. But they don’t begin to describe the impact this kid could and has had for UK. First, he’s the most aggressive player on the perimeter. He drives fearlessly to hole, and isn’t afraid to take the big shot. He’s also athletic enough, and committed enough to play great defense. In fact he’s one of the better perimeter defensive players that I can remember. Think Joe Crawford with an attitude. And it appears to me that he takes his defense personally, as if it’s an insult if his man scores or creates a play. That’s not to say he doesn’t have breakdowns, all players do. But he’s got the athletic gifts, the unselfish attitude, and the work ethic to overcome those.

Athletically speaking he’s everything that we’ve been missing. He’s quick, he’s strong, and he can jump. He’s a more athletic version of Keith Bogans(my favorite Tubby era player), and he’s shown the ability to shoot lights out on occasion. It’s no secret that this is a defensive oriented club, and to play great smothering defense you have to have great athletes that have the mentality to play great defense. Jodie has that.

Throughout the year you’ll hear all the national analysts talking about guys like Mike Connelly, Greg Oden, Brandon Wright and Kevin Durant, and for good reason. Jodie Meeks won’t get very much national attention compared to those guys. But mark my words, before it’s all said and done Meeks will be a great player for the University of Kentucky. Joe Crawford is doing a great job as the starter, and he’s having his best year at UK, but it’s also nice to know that we already have his successor waiting in the wings.

Monday, January 29, 2007


East Division
Florida 6-0 19-2
Vanderbilt 5-2 15-6
Georgia 5-2 13-6
Kentucky 5-2 16-5
Tennessee 2-4 14-7
South Carolina 2-4 12-7

West Division
Arkansas 3-4 14-7
Auburn 3-4 13-9
Alabama 2-4 15-5
LSU 2-4 13-7
Miss State 2-4 11-8
Ole Miss 2-5 13-8

WT's Men's BBALL "Top 25" Poll (1/29/07)

1. Florida
2. Wisconsin
3. Ohio St.
4. North Carolina
6. Teaxs A&M
7. Butler
8. Oregon
9. Memphis
10. Kansas
11. Pittsburgh
12. Oklahoma St
13. Duke
14. Nevada
15. Air Force
16. Marquette
17. Virginia Tech
18. Washington St.
19. Clemson
20. Texas
21. Vanderbilt
22. Alabama
23. Indiana
24. Arizona
25. Kentucky

WT's Women's BBall "Top 25" Poll (1/29/07)

1. North Carolina
2. Duke
3. Tennessee
4. Ohio St.
5. Maryland
6. Connecticut
7. LSU
8. Stanford
9. Oklahoma
10. Purdue
11. Arizona St.
12. George Washington
13. Vanderbilt
14. Louisville
15. Bowling Green
16. Baylor
17. Marquette
18. Georgia
19. Texas A&M
20. Middle Tenn. St.
21. California
22. Nebraska
23. Michigan St
24. Texas
25. TCU

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cats blow past Vols

Sports Reporter

UK struggled in the first half but put together a 20-2 run in the 2nd half to breeze past the Vols today at Rupp. This ends UK's 2 game losing streak and hands UT it's 5th loss in their last 6 games!

Bradley had a great game today finishing with 21 points 5 rebounds and 4 assists. He really took his game to another level today to help us beat UT!

Thomas played another good game. Even though he just scored 2 points, he grabbed 7 rebounds and a team high 5 assists today. There is more to basketball than just scoring and he does the little things great. I'm glad to see him have good games!!

Morris's performance has dropped drastically in the last few games. He finished with 9 points and 4 rebounds. He needs to get out of his little slump he has been in because we are gonna need him coming up real soon!

Meeks, IMO is one of the best 6th man in the NCAA. He came off the bench and finished with 16 points and 5 rebounds today. He played an exceptional game off the bench for us today. He is going to be a key contributor here later in the season!

UK even though started our rough, came out of their shell and really took it to the Vols from Tennessee. I really like to see this type of performance and let's hope that we keep on playing like that!!

Go Cats!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

UK vs UT Preview

Sports Reporter

UK looks to bounce back from 2 embarrassing loses against Vandy and UGA as they take on the Vols from Tennessee tomorrow at Rupp. UK looks to improve their record to 16-5 5-2 SEC and looks to hand the Vols their 5th loss in 6 games.

UK is in for a tough game as the stats show:


Scoring: 72.2 Scoring: 82.4
FG%: 47% FG%: 45%
3FG%: 35% 3FG%: 36%
FT%: 67% FT%: 65%
Rebounds: 37.7 +2.8 Rebounds: 34.8 +0.0
Assists: 16.4 Assists: 15.7
TO: 15.0 TO: 15.7
Blocks: 5.5 Blocks: 3.4
Steals: 5.8 Steals: 9.8

The Vols are missing Chris Lofton who is suffering from a ankle injury. Could this be the break that the Cats need to get back on track?

Since Lofton is out, the Vols are gonna look for JaJuan Smith averaging 14.9 points a game and Dane Bradshaw to lead them. The Cats start 3 players in double digits, Randolph Morris who averages 15.9 points and 7.8 rebounds a game, Joe Crawford who averages 14.8 points a game, and Ramel "Smooth" Bradley who averages 12.8 points a game.

UK is in for an all out war against the Vols tomorrow. Look for Randolph Morris to have a huge game inside and Joe Crawford to have a big game from the perimeter as well. Tubby and the Cats had best be ready to play because we cannot afford to lose 3 straight at this point of our SEC schedule because we need all the W's that we can get!

Go Cats!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cats Blow it!

Sports Reporter

Wow! What a game last night. UK blew a 17 point lead and lost by 9 on OT to Georgia. Words cannot express what I felt last night watching those last few seconds tick away and get our second straight loss, by which we should have won both of them.

The Cats played a VERY strong first half doing almost everything right but there is no excuse on what happened in the 2nd Half!

Crawford played the best game on his career last night finishing with 29 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists. He played one heck of a game but he didn't get help from pretty much anybody around him. He has played some great basketball for us in all of the SEC games and I just hope that he keeps it up because we are desperatly gonna need him!!

Morris had his 2nd straight lack-luster game finishing with 11 points and only 2 rebounds. Thats right... ONLY 2 REBOUNDS! We are gonna have to get him to be averaging 16 points and over 8 rebounds a game in order for us to have a shot at competing with the big teams in the SEC. We cannot afford to have him with only 2 rebounds and in foul trouble!

Meeks played some good ball for us finishing with 10 points and 4 rebounds. He has really been a contributor for us off the bench this season and we are gonna have to get him to keep it up!

Like I said earlier, I am completely shocked and embarrassed about last night. We should have put that game away early in the 2nd half. Give credit to UGA though, down by 17 and win by 9. A heck of a comeback and they DESERVED to win last night after that disgracing 2nd half and OT performance!!



Florida 5-0 18-2
Kentucky 4-2 15-5
Vanderbilt 4-2 14-6
Georgia 4-2 12-6
Tennessee 2-3 14-6
South Carolina 1-4 11-7

Auburn 3-3 13-8
Alabama 2-3 15-4
LSU 2-3 13-6
Mississippi St. 2-3 11-7
Arkansas 2-4 13-7
Mississippi 2-4 13-7

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

UK vs UGA Preview

Sports Reporter

UK travels to Athens tomorrow night to play the Bulldogs of Georgia. The Cats are trying to bounce back from a hard fought loss to Vandy last Saturday at Rupp for the 3rd time in 2 years.
On paper the stats show:
Scoring: 72.3 Scoring: 80.5
Defense 63.0 Defense: 67.4
FG%: 47% FG%: 49%
3PT% 35% 3PT%: 41%
FT%: 67% FT%: 66%
Rebound: 38.0 +3.6 Rebound: 39.1 +7.0
Assists: 16.4 Assists: 15.9
Turnovers: 15.0 Turnovers: 17.0
Blocks: 5.5 Blocks: 5.7
Steals: 5.8 Blocks: 9.7

The Dawgs are led by freshman guard Mike Mercer averaging 15.1 points a game and junior forward Takais Brown who averages 14.2 points. The Cats are led by junior center Randolph Morris with 16.2 points and 8 rebounds a game. Also by junior Joe Crawford with 14 points a game.

UK is in for a fight against Georgia tomorrow night. They are averaging almost 80 points a game while holding their opponents to just 67 a game. UK will have to crash the boards and win the rebounding battle if they want to keep the game under 80 points and a shot at winning.
We will need to be as focused as we will ever be because UGA will be ready to play and will be looking for an upset and they are plenty capable of pulling one. We can't afford to have another Vandy letdown because we need all the W's that we can get in this tough SEC schedule.

Go Cats!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Florida 4-0 17-2
Kentucky 4-1 15-4
Georgia 3-2 11-6
Vanderbilt 3-2 13-6
Tennessee 2-2 14-5
South Carolina 0-4 10-7

Alabama 2-2 15-3
LSU 2-2 13-5
Miss. State 2-2 11-6
Arkansas 2-3 13-6
Auburn 2-3 12-8
Ole Miss 1-4 12-7

WT's Men's BBALL "Top 25" Poll (Jan.22)

1. Florida
2. Wisconsin
4. Ohio St.
5. North Carolina
6. Teaxs A&M
7. Butler
8. Oregon
9. Memphis
10. Kansas
11. Pittsburgh
12. Oklahoma St
13. Alabama
14. Nevada
15. Arizona
16. Air Force
17. LSU
18. Clemson
19. Marquette
20. Washington St.
21. Virginia Tech
22. Maryland
23. Indiana
24. Texas
25. Norte Dame

WT's Women's BBall "Top 25" Poll (Jan.22)

1. North Carolina
2. Duke
3. Tennessee
4. Maryland
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio St.
7. Connecticut
8. LSU
9. Stanford
10. Purdue
11. Arizona St.
12. George Washington
13. Vanderbilt
14. Louisville
15. Bowling Green
16. Baylor
17. Marquette
18. Georgia
19. California
20. Texas A&M
21. Middle Tenn. St.
22. Texas
23. Michigan St
24. TCU
25. Mississippi

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cats lose a tough one

WT Sports Reporter

Vandy snapped UK's 11 game win streak today at Rupp and game the Cats first loss in the SEC. This is the 3rd straight time Vandy has beaten the Cats and the 2nd time in a row at Rupp. UK's loss makes Florida the only unbeaten team in the SEC.

Bobby Perry led us in scoring finishing with 13 points. It looks like he finally found his shot today but it wasn't enough. Let's hope he continues to improve for the rest of the season.

Randolph Morris never really got on track today finishing with 11 points and 7 rebounds. Vandy really shut him down in the paint and didn't let him get anything easy all game.

Sheray Thomas came out ready to play today finishing with 12 points and 6 rebounds from the bench. I was really glad to see I'm have a good game and score in double digits.

Vandy showed up ready to play and the Cats didn't. They beat us plain and simple. They were hitting everything from 3 and they just handed our butts to us.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call and bring them back down to earth from that streak and show them that if they want to beat quality teams then they are gonna have to show up and play better than they did today. With the hardest part of the SEC schedule coming up, we are going to have to be ready to play!!

Go Cats!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Vandy vs UK Preview

WT Sports Reporter

UK hosts Vanderbilt looking to extend its win streak to 12 games and improve to 16-3 5-0 SEC. UK own a 129-39 all-time mark against Vandy but was swept last season by the Commodores.

Both teams are pretty even as the stats show:

UK Vandy
Scoring: 72.6 Scoring: 79.5
FG%: 48% FG%: 48%
3PT%: 36% 3PT%: 38%
FT%: 67% FT%: 71%
Rebounds: 38.3 +3.5 Rebounds: 35.3 -0.8
Assists: 16.3 Assists: 17.9
Turnovers: 13.1 Turnovers: 12.9
Blocks: 5.7 Blocks: 2.8
Steals: 5.9 Steals: 8.4

Vandy starts 4 players who averages double digits. Junior guard Shan Foster leads the way averaging 15.4 ppg. While the Cats are led by Center Randolph Morris averaging 16.4 and Joe Crawford who has been on a rampage the last few games!!

This is gonna be a tough game for the Cats. Vandy CAN shoot the ball and CAN play defense. It will be a tough test to see how good we really are!!!

Go Cats!!!

SEC Champs preparing for 2007 debut

Wildcats Thunder Administrator

Oh yes it is ladies and gentlemen! It’s almost here. The time has come for the beginning of college baseball season. The defending SEC champions are set to begin Feb. 16th against Furman.

Let’s review last year’s season. The Cats finished the season with an overall record of 44-17. The conference record was 20-10. They finished 1st in the SEC East. The final National rankings were:
20th Baseball America Rankings
18th Collegiate Baseball Rankings
15th Baseball Weekly Rankings.
Coach John Cohen was named the 2006 SEC Coach of the year and National Coach of the year by the College Baseball Foundation and Collegebaseballinsider.com.

This year’s team is returning16 lettermen, 5 position starters, and 8 pitchers. Coach Cohen will be returning for his fourth season as the Wildcats Head Coach. He has dramatically changed UK baseball to a contender in the SEC. Cohen is known as one of the best hitting instructors in the nation and it shows with last year’s team that ranked 3rd in the nation in home runs.

The Wildcats heavy hitters are starting to make a name for themselves with the fans. Last seasons attendance increased by 453 percent from the 2005 season. I would recommend that everyone in the Lexington area attend a UK baseball game. It is a lot of fun and very economical.

I am sure that many of you are aware that Kentucky is a baseball state. The talent from Kentucky can be seen from Little League to MLB. I think that it is very exciting to have a competitive baseball team. The SEC is one of the strongest baseball conferences in the country and it is amazing that UK is the reigning SEC Champions. The team received their SEC Championship rings in October. Hopefully this years ring will be an NCAA Championship.

2007 UK Baseball Schedule

February 16 Fri Furman Greenville, S.C. TBA
February 17 Sat Furman Greenville, S.C. TBA
February 18 Sun Furman Greenville, S.C. TBA
February 21 Wed Murray State Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
February 23 Fri Tennessee Tech Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
February 24 Sat Tennessee Tech Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
February 25 Sun Tennessee Tech Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
February 27 Tue Oakland Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
February 28 Wed Xavier Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 2 Fri UW-Milwaukee Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 3 Sat UW-Milwaukee Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
March 4 Sun UW-Milwaukee Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
March 7 Wed Cincinnati Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 9 Fri UT-Martin Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 10 Sat UT-Martin Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
March 11 Sun UT-Martin Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
March 12 Mon Cleveland State Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 13 Tue Canisius Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 14 Wed Canisius Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
March 16 Fri Arkansas Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
March 17 Sat Arkansas Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
March 18 Sun Arkansas Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
March 21 Wed Western Kentucky Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
March 23 Fri LSU Baton Rouge, La. TBA
March 24 Sat LSU Baton Rouge, La. TBA
March 25 Sun LSU Baton Rouge, La. TBA
March 28 Wed Morehead State Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
March 30 Fri Mississippi State Starkville, Miss. 07:30 pm
March 31 Sat Mississippi State Starkville, Miss. 03:00 pm
April 1 Sun Mississippi State Starkville, Miss. 02:30 pm
April 3 Tue Western Carolina Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 6 Fri Tennessee Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 7 Sat Tennessee (FCS) Lexington, Ky. 04:00 pm
April 8 Sun Tennessee Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
April 11 Wed Louisville Louisville, Ky. TBA
April 13 Fri Vanderbilt Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 14 Sat Vanderbilt Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 15 Sun Vanderbilt Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
April 20 Fri Florida Gainesville, Fla. 06:30 pm
April 21 Sat Florida Gainesville, Fla. 04:00 pm
April 22 Sun Florida Gainesville, Fla. 01:00 pm
April 25 Wed Louisville Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 27 Fri Georgia Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 28 Sat Georgia Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
April 29 Sun Georgia Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
May 4 Fri South Carolina Columbia, S.C. 07:00 pm
May 5 Sat South Carolina Columbia, S.C. 04:00 pm
May 6 Sun South Carolina Columbia, S.C. 01:30 pm
May 9 Wed Evansville Evansville, Ind. TBA
May 11 Fri Ole Miss Oxford, Miss. 07:30 pm
May 12 Sat Ole Miss Oxford, Miss. 05:00 pm
May 13 Sun Ole Miss Oxford, Miss. 02:30 pm
May 15 Tue Murray State Murray, Ky. TBA
May 17 Thu Auburn Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
May 18 Fri Auburn Lexington, Ky. 06:30 pm
May 19 Sat Auburn Lexington, Ky. 01:00 pm
May 23 Wed SEC Tournament Hoover, Ala. TBA
May 24 Thu SEC Tournament Hoover, Ala. TBA
May 25 Fri SEC Tournament Hoover, Ala. TBA
May 26 Sat SEC Tournament Hoover, Ala. TBA

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

NEW Basketball Recruiting News!

Wildcats Thunder Basketball/Recruiting Analyst

I have been wanting to make a post concerning recruiting for about a week now but could never get my info straight. I would hear one thing then 10 minutes later I hear exactly the opposite from another source. But I have finally got my eggs in one basket and can make a reliable post I feel.

I am hearing good things concerning P. Patterson. I was told that he enjoyed everything about his visit and actually smiled while being on campus. Now that should tell you something because this kid has a stone cold face most of the time when doing something concerning recruiting.I was told the new practice facility may have convinced him to come to UK. I have heard this from a very reliable source and trust what he has told me. The PP news wasn't the news that I keep getting all the different news about. The news concerning him has been all positive after his visit.

Now for the Moses news. Now this news is a bit more unreliable because I was told different things from different sources on the kid, but I did get a little reliable info from a close friend of mine. I was told that Moses very much wants to be a Wildcat. Moses wants to visit first, but I was told that as soon as he gets the OK from UK that he can commit he will regardless of a visit or not. I suspect that Moses has already gave UK a silent verbal and just waiting to get the OK to visit so he and UK can make it official.

There is also a "mystery guy" UK is going after as well, who I'm not sure. I have been told it is a forward and a guy a bit under the radar and that he may have had a little trouble getting qualified, but he has it all took care of now. I am going to take a guess and say Isiah Rusher is the recruit, and I would be OK with Rusher in UK blue.

The Lucas recruitment is drawing a near end. I was told that he is down to UK and Ok. St. and wants to make a commitment sooner than later. From his interviews of late it sounds like UK maybe in the lead, but I don't have any info saying this. I was just told that its down to 2 and UK is on of the 2. Was told that he could make a choice next month sometime.

The 2008 Class looks to be shaping up. Tubby and UK are starting to show who they will target: Miller G/F, McMasters F/C, Juric F/C, Frease C, Hopson F, Gordon F, Gibson F, these are the ones that Tubby will put the most time in on. I can see UK getting 3 of these guys, if the staff stays on these kids.

This is just a little of the info I heard in the last week. I only posted what I did because I felt the rest wasn't reliable. But one thing is for sure, the recruiting game is starting to pick up alittle now. I believe UK will get a commitment before the end of Feb., probably Moses or Lucas. Remember guys this is just info I have gathered from sources and nothing is 100%. But I do post what I think is solid info. So take my info with a grain of salt, but I do think it is solid thanks.

"Massacre in Columbia"

WT Sports Reporter

It truly was a "Massacre in Columbia" and the Cats gave USC their worst home loss(87-49) since 1915 last night. UK improves their winning streak to 11 straight and improve to 15-3 4-0 SEC.

Crawford was hitting everything last night finishing with 23 points and drilled 3 straight 3 pointers in the first half. He had an outstanding game last night and it is a very good thing to see that he is starting to put up consistent numbers for us!!

Morris recorded yet another great game with 17 points and 11 rebounds. What else is there to really say about him? He has been the leader of the team ever since the start of the season.Let's hope he comes back to us next year for his senior season!!!

Bradley has another awesome game as well finishing with 16 points 6 assists and 5 rebounds. He plays with so much passion and enthusiasm... He hustles on both ends of the court and you gotta love watching that!!

Meeks provided us with some excellent minutes finishing with 12 points. He is gonna be a beast in a few years and I can't wait until he gets there!!!

Tre Kelley from USC... I love watching this kid play. He played on a bad knee the whole game and still led them in almost every category. This is probably the first and only time I will ever talk about a player from the other team but he deserves it.

It's kind of scary to see what this team can do when they are firing on all cylinders and we showed everybody that last night!! Hopefully it will carry over!!!

Go Cats!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

UK vs USC Preview

WT Sports Reporter

The Cats travels to South Carolina tomorrow night and try to record their 11th win in a row and to play their first SEC East team of the SEC schedule. The last time USC downed UK in Columbia, was in 2005, it snapped the Wildcats’ 16-game SEC regular-season winning streak.

On paper, UK looks to dominate the Gamecocks as the stats show:

Scoring: 71.8 Scoring: 53
FG%: 47% FG%: 36%
3PT%: 35% 3PT%: 31%
FT%: 67% FT%: 62%
Rebounds: 38.4 +3.1 Rebounds: 27.5 -10
Assists: 16 Assists: 8.5
Turnovers: 15.2 Turnovers: 12.5
Steals: 5.9 Steals: 4.0
Blocks: 5.6 Blocks: 3.0

The Gamecocks are led by Tre Kelley who averages 16 points a game and Brandon Wallace who averages 11 points a game.

While the Cats are led by Randolph Morris with 16 points a game along with Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley both averages 13 points a game.

Randolph Morris could really have a career game both scoring and rebounding against USC. USC really has no inside presence to handle Morris.

The Cats could really run away with this game early, but whatever they do, they cannot let USC stick around because they are really capable of pulling an upset!!

Go Cats!!!!

SEC GAMES (Jan.15)

Jan. 16 (Tuesday)
*Kentucky at South Carolina [ESPN] 9:00 p.m. ET

Jan. 17 (Wednesday)
*Tennessee at Auburn [LFS] 7:00 p.m. CT
*Ole Miss at LSU [CST#] 7:00 p.m. CT
*Alabama at Vanderbilt 7:00 p.m. CT
*Georgia at Arkansas [ESPNU] 8:00 p.m. CT

Jan. 20 (Saturday)
*Ole Miss at Florida [LFS] 1:00 p.m. ET
*Georgia at Alabama [CBS] 1:00 p.m. CT
*Auburn at Mississippi State 2:00 p.m. CT
*Vanderbilt at Kentucky [LFS] 3:00 p.m. ET
*LSU at Arkansas [CBS] 3:00 p.m. CT
*South Carolina at Tennessee [FSN/SUN] 6:00 p.m. ET

*SEC Game;
[ ]TV Game;
#Taped Delay;
FSN/SUN includes FSN South, FSN Southwest and SUN Sports;
ACN: Alabama Cable Network;
ARSN: Arkansas Razorback Sports Network;
BBSN: Big Blue Sports Network;
CSS: Comcast Sports Southeast;
FSNS: FSN South;
LFS: Lincoln Financial Sports;
SS: SportSouth;
SUN: Sun Sports

SEC Power Rankings

Florida (1) #2, 16-2 (3-0 SEC): Thoughts of a Florida Gators downturn were wishful thinking on the other SEC teams' part. A solid win at Arkansas and then a blowout of South Carolina put the probable national #1 in good shape with just a single game this week. Foes don't want to see a healthy, hungry Noah and Horford, nor 20+ points from Lee Humphrey.
Up Next: Ole Miss (Home, Sat.)

Kentucky (2) NR, 14-3, (3-0): Don't look now, but the 'also-ran' Wildcats, ignored nationally, have won 10 straight and are the only other unbeaten SEC group. Granted, the slate has been favorable, but wins are wins. Joe Crawford and the junior class have emerged for Kentucky, a welcome sight in Lexington, an unwelcome one everywhere else.
Up Next: South Carolina (Road, Tue.), Vandy (H, Sat.)

Alabama (3) #14, 14-2 (1-1): One of the toughest things to do in a league as good as the SEC is turn around and win after a big loss. The 'hangover effect' can be fatal. The Crimson Tide responded to a humiliation at Arkansas with a big win over LSU in its single game this week. The Tide need more from Ronald Steele, but getting up off the mat was key.
Up Next: Vandy (R, Wed.), Georgia (H, Sat.)

LSU (4) #13, 12-4 (1-1): It wasn't a great week for the Tigers, with a loss at Bama and a narrow win vs. Auburn. But an SEC win is an SEC win. LSU hasn't shown the world-beater quality many expected, and their inclusion in the league's upper tier is tenuous at best.
Up Next: Ole Miss (H, Wed.), Arkansas (R, Sat.)

Tennessee (5) #16, 13-4 (1-1): A pair of squeakers went against Chris Lofton and the Tennessee Volunteers this week. First, a late loss at rival Vandy, then an out-of-conference heartbreaker to Ohio St. The Vols' lack of interior depth is beginning to haunt them, as are an inability to hit clutch free throws. Time to put up or shut up for Bruce Pearl's guys.
Up Next: Auburn (R, Wed.), South Carolina (H, Sat.)

Georgia (6) NR, 10-5 (2-1): Two weeks after touting an improved Georgia Bulldogs, I can finally say 'I told you so.' Dennis Felton's boys dropped two SEC foes, running past both. Things get tougher this week, with road games against good teams. Picking off some of the SEC's better clubs is a must for Georgia to build to the next level.
Up Next: Arkansas (R, Wed.), Alabama (R, Sat.)

Arkansas (7) NR, 12-5 (1-2): Stan Heath's Arkansas has never shown the ability to keep momentum. After a huge win over Bama, the Razorbacks stubbed their toe in losses to Florida and Ole Miss. The latter defeat will haunt the 'Hogs. A pair of home games this week, but the opponents are tough. Do they want to be dancing come March?
Up Next: Georgia (H, Wed.), LSU (H, Sat.)

Mississippi St (8) NR, 10-6 (1-2): The young Bulldogs have hung tough in recent weeks, though they haven't shown closing ability. They had Kentucky on the ropes in Rupp, but couldn't convert. A win over ole Miss helps. Charles Rhodes can be a huge factor for this team if he keeps his trap shut. Jamont Gordon can't do it all alone.
Up Next: Auburn (H, Sat.)

Mississippi (9) NR, 12-5 (1-2): Andy Kennedy has his Rebels playing tough basketball these days. A surprising home win over Arkansas is a huge boost. Despite a road loss earlier in the week, Ole Miss is staying competitive. Huge task this week vs. a couple of SEC heavyweights.
Up Next: LSU (R, Wed.), Florida (R, Sat.)

Vanderbilt (10) NR, 11-6 (1-2): Playing at Memorial Gym looks like it won't be any easier this year, evidenced by Vanderbilt upending rival Tennessee there this week. A road loss at Georgia isn't cause for concern, though wins vs. the SEC's lessers are a must for postseason hopes.
Up Next: Alabama (H, Wed.), Kentucky (R, Sat.)

Auburn (11) NR, 11-7 (1-2): Not a strong week for the Auburn Tigers. Though a close loss to LSU doesn't doom them, a loss is a loss. The Tigers were not competitive at Kentucky. Still, they have a conference win, keeping them out of the cellar.
Up Next: Tennessee (H, Wed.), Miss. St. (R, Sat.)

South Carolina (12) NR, 10-5 (0-2): The toughest road so far in the SEC has not been kind to the Gamecocks, with losses to Florida and Georgia. Things don't get better this week, with UK and UT on deck. Winless in the SEC, Dave Odom has a long season ahead, and is staring at a possible 0-4 start in the SEC.
Up Next: Kentucky (H, Tue.), Tennessee (R, Sat.)

SEC Standings (Jan.15)

Florida 3-0 16-2
Kentucky 3-0 14-3
Georgia 2-1 10-5
Tennessee 1-1 13-4
Vanderbilt 1-2 11-6
South Carolina 0-2 10-5

Alabama 1-1 14-2
LSU 1-1 12-4
Arkansas 1-2 12-5
Mississippi 1-2 12-5
Mississippi St. 1-2 10-6
Auburn 1-2 11-7

WT's Men's BBALL "Top 25" Poll (Jan.15)

1. Florida
2. Wisconsin
4. Ohio St.
5. North Carolina
6. Kansas
7. Pittsburgh
8. Teaxs A&M
9. Butler
10. Oklahoma St
11. Alabama
12. Nevada
13. Arizona
14. Air Force
15. LSU
16. Oregon
17. Memphis
18. Texas
19. Maryland
20. Tennessee
21. Virginia Tech*
22. Clemson
23. Kentucky
24. Marquette
25. Norte Dame

Fell out: dUKe, Washington, West Virginia, UConn
*You beat dUKe and UNC in the same week you deserve to be ranked.

WT's Women's BBall "Top 25" Poll (Jan.15)

1. North Carolina
2. Duke
3. Tennessee
4. Maryland
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio St.
7. Connecticut
8. LSU
9. Stanford
10. Purdue
11. Arizona St.
12. George Washington
13. Vanderbilt
14. Texas A&M
15. Louisville
16. Bowling Green
17. Baylor
18. Marquette
19. Georgia
20. California
21. Middle Tenn. St.
22. Texas
23. Michigan St
24. TCU
25. Arkansas

Saturday, January 13, 2007

UK Records 10th Straight Win

WT Sports Reporter

UK barely held off the Dawgs tonight at Rupp to record their 10th straight win and improve their record to 14-3 and 3-0 in the SEC with a final of 64-60.

Morris was yet again the workhorse of the game finishing with a team high 17 points and grabbed 6 rebounds and 3 blocks to go along with it. But his most important block of the night came when he swatted Jamon Gordon's layup within less a minute to go and lead us to our 10th straight win!

Crawford had a solid performance tonight racking up 14 points and 4 rebounds on the night. He has really come on for us lately and hopefully he will continue to improve his game throughout the course of the rest of the season and be on fire by tourney time!!

Bradley had yet another good game tonight finishing with 11 points 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Its great to see him keep on having games like he has been producing for us. He has really helped us and hopefully he will continue to help us!!

Jasper, in my opinion, could be an All-American point guard by the time he gets to be a senior if he improves on his jumper and free throws. He really understands the game and knows how to set up his teammates and get them the ball. He finished the game with a solid 8 points 8 rebounds 3 assists and 4 steals. He could really turn out to be a great point guard if he works on his offensive game!!

Some team stats that really stood out to me are: Fast Break Points MSU 10 UK 4, Bench Points MSU 22 UK 7, 3 Point Field Goals MSU 9-19 UK 7-22, and Free Throws MSU 1-3 UK 15-19.

UK jacked up way to many 3's tonight which tells me only one things, we are totally undisciplined from the perimeter... Granted that some were pretty good looks but we are not a perimeter team and we need to pound the ball in the paint and kick it out for the 3 ball instead of forcing it. We really owned the charity stripe tonight hitting 78% off of 15-19 and holding MSU to only 33% off of only 1-3.

MSU really showed up at Rupp tonight ready to play and gave us one heck of a run for our money. Once again, it was a very sloppy win but it's a win. Hopefully the poll voters will look at us and see that we deserve to be ranked!!!

Go Cats!!!


“KENTUCKY FOOTBALL – BELIEVE!” revisit the 2006 exciting Football year with the Wildcats as they went 8-5, including the Cats first Bowl appearance since 1999 in the Music City Bowl along with their first Bowl win in 22 years that help put the Cats back on the football map.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Cats/Dawgs Preview

WT Sports Reporter

UK coming off a win over Auburn at Rupp on Wednesday stays in Lexington to face off with the Bulldogs of Mississippi St. tomorrow. This will be the Cats 3rd straight game vs. an SEC West opponent so far in the SEC schedule.

UK is currently riding on a nine game winning streak will have their hands full with the Bulldogs as the stats show:

13-0 2-0 SEC 10-5 1-1 SEC
Scoring: 72.2 Scoring: 77.0
FG%: 48% FG%: 48%
3PT%: 35% 3PT%: 37%
FT%: 66% FT%: 62%
Rebounds: 38.4 +3.3 Rebounds: 41.2 +6.1
Assists: 16.3 Assists: 14.4
Turnovers: 15.6 Turnovers: 15.9
Steals: 5.8 Steals: 5.8
Blocks: 5.4 Blocks: 7.1

Mississippi St. is led by sophomore guard Jamon Gordon who leads the team with 15.5 ppg and 7.5 rpg average. While Kentucky is led by junior All-American center Randolph Morris who averages a team high 16.4 ppg and 8.1 rpg for the Cats. The Cats will have to crash the boards and play good defense of they want to beat MSU for they can shoot the ball.

UK is 83-17 all time vs. MSU and won 10 of last 11 games over the Dawgs. Hopefully the Cats will come out fighting and not overlook the Dawgs because we could have our hands full!!!

Go Cats!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cats Win 9th Straight

Wildcats Thunder Member

The Cats absolutely destroyed Auburn tonight at Rupp to record their 9th straight win and improve to 2-0 in the SEC. And what better time to do it than tonight with both UCONN and dUKe losing!!!!!

Bradley played an absolutely amazing game. He recorded his first double-double as a Wildcat finishing with 18 points, 11 rebounds(a career high), and 7 assists to go along with it. He has really played well and has stepped up for us big time, and let's just hope he finishes the season playing like that!

Crawford led the Cats with 21 points. He was really stroking the ball tonight. It looks like he has finally gotten out of his little slump he was in and he was on fire tonight. Lets hope he continues to do this!

Perry finally got out his little hole tonight finishing with 12 points. He looked really good out there tonight. He shot the ball well and really showed his senior leadership! We will need him to step up come tourney time!

Morris rounded out the Cats double digit scorers with 12 points. He was in a bit of foul trouble tonight but Tubby stuck with him in the end when he picked up his 4th foul. It has really been awesome to see him mature into a legit All-American this year.

Dwight Perry!!!! Man, I would have given you that basket at the end and I wish the refs would have!!!

The Cats really played well tonight and hopefully we showed the voters enough to be ranked because I fell that over the past 9 games, we have really deserved it by our great play!!! Keep it up Cats and bring back the title to where it belongs!!!