Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Coach Billy Gillispie will stay at UK

WT Executive Moderator

Coach Billy Gillispie will be on the sidelines next year for the University of Kentucky. How do I know? Who is my source? Matt Jones, Alan Cutler, The Lexington Herald Leader and Larry Glover say he is (probably) gone.

Those who want CBG to leave go with, “Where there is smoke there is fire.” Let me ask, how much fire was there when Tubby left? If all these boobs mentioned above were so smart with so many sources, ”close to the program” why were they not reporting Tubby leaving. You know why, BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE FIRST DARN CLUE OR SOURCE.

But we need a coach to come in here and get his players motivated. It’s his fault he can’t do it. Any of you read Donovan after they got beat in the SECT? “I can't seem to get the players to step up, to be fully committed.” He is a two time NCAA championship coach. Many of the ones calling for CBG’s scalp want Billy D. Yet, he thinks his kids need to step up or be fully committed.

“Well, if he stays then Meeks and Patterson leave.” Maybe, but I sure wonder why the most vocal player in his corner now days is one Patrick Patterson? No source needed for that, its out in the main stream media.

Well you say, “Where is Meeks?” Granted he has been quieter than Pat. While I have no source could it be that Jodie is somewhat jealous of Pat? Sans, the UT game was UK better with the ball going to Pat or Jodie forcing three’s and driving into double/triple teams? As a matter of fact it seems UK opened most games with the ball going inside. Wonder?

Well you say, “Mike Casey and Jay Shidler think he needs to go.” Where are the interviews with Bret Bearup, Rex Chapman, Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley. Guess what, one source even told me that Rondo thinks things will be better with Billy? Wonder why Matt Jones and the Herald don’t have interviews with these guys? Because it’s not their agenda!

Well you say, “They are not prepared.” Does anyone remember the LSU game when Pat says coach drew up LSU’s last play only to have the team not execute what they were told in the huddle? What about in the SECT when Trent Johnson spoke highly of UK’s game plan and defense when coming off the floor at half-time? You know what the same source told me…get ready some of you will not like this…I’ll give you the email quote,” Not that it means anything, but Pitino privately said Billy's teams are better-prepared than Tubby's. One of my cousins heard him say it at a UL function.” OMG!!!

Well you say, “It’s not the talent.” What about recent statements from Albert Jackson, UGA and David Huertas, Ole Miss saying the talent is down and its easy to stop two because they can’t shoot. What about Jackson saying the only one who can rebound is Pat? Don’t worry ye’ of little faith. Matt Pilgrim and Daniel Orton will help there.

The fans like the criticism CBG gets from the media, but they get their panties in a wad when the media blasts them. Mike Wilbon and Brent Musberger are the recent two to take shots at the ridiculous, spoiled and sanctimonious UK fan base. Believe it, like it or not this is how the fan base is viewed. Outing a coach after two years who was given a roster with not a lot of talent and no time to fix it only cements these arguments. See, no source at all. Just some common sense.


Anonymous said...

Orton has an o in it not an e :) so you can fix it

Sonshine Bill said...

Sorry. But it sounds like your only source is your own personal opinion, where I have read credible statements from credible sources that Billy may be gone. I'm sorry, but Dick Gabriel carry's a lot more wait than "bluemist" in this situation. Also, I would be right with you all the way if it were not for Billy's blatant (at least honest)testimonial of how he has no plans to view his position of UK men's basketball coach as anything more than wins & losses. He has been such a jerk to so many people. THAT is what will cost him his job at the end of the season. He simply blew it. I believe the fan base wants to forgive him for the NIT. But it's hard to hug a porcupine!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! That was a great post and one I pray is right!!!