Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is DDMO real or just a marketing/recruiting tool?

WT Executive Moderator

I am beginning to wonder if the Dribble Drive Motion Offense (DDMO) is a real team offense or just a way to recruit top players and then allow them to work their talent, individually, on the floor to beat their man on offense.

Top players are definitely going to be attracted to this proposed offense in that it allows them the freedom to do their thing.

We certainly did not see any effective signs of the DDMO this year and we were told that it didn't fit with the BIG guys that we had.

We also did not see an offense that would have fit the BIGS and that was more 'inside-out' movement of the ball on a consistent basis.

During the year, I have talked to a few of my friends in Memphis that are really big Univ. of Memphis fans. They tell me that Calipari was great at beating other teams that did not have Memphis' talent and it was due to his better players working one-on-one. There was very little 'Team concept' on offense but there was on defense where they thought Calipari did a really good job.

Also, once again, a Calipari Team, got bit by poor free throw shooting. Calipari readily admits that his teams do not practice free throws in regular practice. DA!!! - don't you think that he would learn and have the players shoot free throws in practice, especially at the end of practice when they are fatigued.

I don't want to replace Calipari who has brought back tremandous excitement to the Kentucky Program but just giving my thoughts now that are very similar to what I was posting during this season even when we were winning.

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