Thursday, January 10, 2013

Commonwealth Stadium renovation details

 UK getting its football stadium renovation
 Commonwealth, Nutter renovations included in proposal to self-fund campus projects

* Upgrades to the Nutter Training Center for the daily benefit of the Student Athletes
* Spectator driven improvements (improved concessions, restrooms, and security)
* Multi-purpose recruiting room
* 16 – 20 Private suites
* New home team facilities
* Approximately 2,000 new club seats
* New press facilities
* A team store
* New full service kitchen
* Improve the UK brand at the stadium
* Maintain or slightly reduce seating capacity while increasing the value of the remaining seats
* Projected Start Date: 2013
* Estimated Completion Date: July 2015 (requires two seasons)
* Debt Service Source (existing): $110M of agency bonds to be funded new suites and club seating and UK Athletics’ expanded SEC revenues.

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