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Meet the Wildcats: UK Softball Juniors Stephanie Martino, Breanne Ray

Gameday UK Hoops Final: UK 79 vs @Florida 85

Gameday UK Hoops Halftime: UK Hoops 39 vs @Florida 43

Gameday: UK Hoops vs @Florida Starting Five

SEC Women's Basketball Schedule 1/31/16

Sunday, January 31, 2016

  • 1:00 PM (9) Kentucky vs (22) Florida SEC NETWORK

  • 3:00 PM Alabama vs (18) Tennessee SEC NETWORK

  • 3:00 PM (10) Miss St vs Arkansas SEC NETWORK +

  • 3:00 PM Georgia vs Vanderbilt SEC NETWORK +

  • 5:00 PM (23) Missouri vs Ole Miss SEC NETWORK

  • 6:00 PM (2) South Carolina vs (13) Texas A&M ESPN2

Video/Transcript: UK Hoops Coach Matthew Mitchell Pre-Florida Press Conference Comments

Video courtesy of kywildcatstv

Kentucky Head Coach Matthew Mitchell

Opening Statement … 
“Well, a big challenge to go on the road in Gainesville and play Florida. They are an excellent basketball team and had a good victory last year. They create a lot of turnovers for people and that has been a real difficulty for us, so we will have to focus in and practice well and see if we can take care of the ball. They play a lot of people and a really up-tempo team. They are a great rebounding team. It will be another great challenge for us and we will go on the road and try to get a victory.” 

On gaining some experience and learning lessons from losses …
“That is the key, we must learn from them. We have a senior and junior in Janee (Thompson) and Makayla (Epps) who just have to really make sure their experience is transferred to the other players and we are just not talking to our younger players enough. It falls on their shoulders and they just have to do it right now because we have to get more out of our freshman class. They were 1-for-14 last night and I think they just need to be tutored through some of these things and then they will get it. They just don’t see what is available out there. Vanderbilt did a great job. I think their idea was to just take away the post player and dare you to try to figure it out. There was one person open the entire night, but we didn’t find them but a couple of times. We just have to do a good job in practice and help them get some reps so they can see what they need to see and help them get better. Experience will benefit us at some point, but until then we have to make plays and really have to be more talkative out there on the court.” 

On the confidence level of the freshmen …
“Yeah, there is no doubt that they are lacking confidence and they are thinking more about the result then they are sticking to their fundamentals and doing it right every time and making it happen that way. They are just struggling defensively, offensively, we are just a little bit paralyzed right now and we have to just show it to them and go out and practice. As a coach, you just have to do everything that you can to construct practice in a way that is going to benefit them. They have to go make something happen with their fundamentals. It doesn’t have to be a super play, just a real simple play done correctly. Maci’s (Morris) footwork is off. Taylor (Murray) is in too big of a rush and Batouly (Camara) is staring at the ball too much on defense and giving up points. It is tough as a freshman sometimes when you get to where you are feeling like you are too far behind the eight ball to think the sky is falling and that they may never come out of this. But they just have to practice and they can and hopefully they will.” 

On if he is surprised by performance of the freshmen …
“Well, I wish we were further along and could do a better job defensively of seeing our player and the ball, I really do. But we are where we are at 4-4. We have a lot of improvement that we can make on defense.” 

On the SEC …
“I know for us, we have always felt like if we could really play harder than our opponent we have a chance in every game. Last night, in the second quarter, Vanderbilt just really played a lot harder than us and that nine point lead that we had built in the first quarter by playing hard and being enthusiastic and making some plays, evaporated because we didn’t play particularly hard (in the second quarter). But Evelyn (Akhator) and Alexis (Jennigs) have to stop getting into foul trouble. Alexis’ first foul was on a breakaway layup and there was eight minutes left in the first quarter and two points is not worth a foul. But she sticks her hand in there and then she losses focus and doesn’t box out properly and she boxes out, but the Vanderbilt player brings her to the floor, but the foul is on Alexis. So some of those calls are going to go against you and you have to do things properly. You can’t box someone out on the perimeter and give them a chance to pull you down and they call the foul on you. We have a certain way that we box out on the perimeter. So we just have to be a lot more focused. We’ve really struggled with that and struggled with that and hopefully that will get better.” 

On what the team’s focus is heading into four of five games on the road …
“That we must not worry about the next five games and just worry about Florida. I told them that if we will stick together here and really work hard that we can get the sun shining back on us in the Sunshine State and there is no better place to do that and that is what we will have to do. We are in the midst of some stormy seas right now with two Thursday losses in between a big Monday night win. We just have to keep plugging.”

On what the team will concentrate on today in practice …
“Well, defensively, I am just going to try to work hard on being more solid on defense and then we didn’t close out on shooters last night and we are right there with them. Those weren’t situations where we weren’t necessarily not matched up, we gave them a couple of really open looks, but the rest of them were just not really close enough to contest the 3 and they made a bunch of them last night. So we will try to fight for defensive improvement. We didn’t turn the ball over a lot in the second half and shot 46% from the field, there are some things that are improving for us, but we lost by two points. We have to just stay with it and we didn’t get beat by 50 last night, we got beat by two. So all the things that we are doing, if we could just really start hustling on defense and be in the right position, I think a lot of things will start looking better for this team.” 

On Florida’s offense …
“They are playing with a great freedom on offense. Where we look like we are just playing in handcuffs, they just really get up and down the floor and really try to create pace and they shoot. I think they shot 28 3s last night. They are not shy and put it up. They fly to the boards and we didn’t go to the boards any last night. Just little things like that, you know. They really, really hustle on offense and fly to the boards and it makes a difference for them.” 

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Video/Transcript: UK Coach John Calipari Post-UK 84 vs @Kansas 90 OT 2016 Big 12/SEC Challenge Interview

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UK Coach John Calipari Post-Kansas Big 12/SEC Challenge - ESPN College Gameday Comments

On what he said to Tyler Ulis after the game with how disappointed he was …
“No, we had our chances in regulation. They had two offensive rebounds. What I told them after is I gotta do a better job of teaching these kids how to win. They do not know how to win a game. And that’s my job. That’s why they want me coaching them. And we have too many guys—we were playing (Wayne) Selden no catch. What? No catch, you left him open. I know. If you’re watching the game and you’re playing, there is no reason you’re leaving the guy that’s killing you. You just say no catch, which is what we said, and the kid gets three shots off. I mean, we switched off. It was just amazing. And the kid had to make them and he did.

Offensively, their stuff, again—I liked what Skal did, but, again, we have to rebound the ball. They got two offensive rebounds. We had two one-handed rebounds all in the last three minutes of regulation, one on an offensive rebound. If we grab it with two hands and stick it in, I think we win the game. And that’s what winning players know. I’m not taking a chance. I’m grabbing this thing with two hands and it’s something we talk about. But this is what my job is. Those kids gave everything they had. They fought like heck. They came in this building expecting to win. They, you know—basically we changed how we played. We opened up the court and just said we’re going to try to beat them off the dribble. And we had a short turn and they did it. But we still—when the game is in the guts of the game, we’re just learning now what it means to win and the plays you must make. And the plays, just as importantly, you don’t make, not at winning time. This is a young team and hats off to Kansas. I thought they played well. They had chances to let go of the rope and there was no way. They fought. The play where Tyler rebounded that ball with two hands and got knocked over and they kick it out for a 3. Big play, but he had to make it. He had to make that shot. Tie game at that time with us having the ball would maybe be different. But they made those plays and it was a heck of a college game.”

On the offense …
“Well, we were running a baseline runner and the issue becomes the guys at the top didn’t want to shoot the ball. So that’s why I put Skal up there. And that’s the elbow jumper Skal got and made twice. Alex wouldn’t. Alex was 32 feet out. And I’m like, ‘Move in and shoot the ball.’ And then he missed it so badly it was demoralizing. I said, ‘You gotta shot that with confidence. Shoot that ball. I’m telling you to shoot it.’ Probably shouldn’t have played Dom today. I mean, he hadn’t played in a month and I put him in this game to make shots? That’s on me. That’s not on Dom. Poor kid. I feel bad. He had wide-open looks and he’s been shooting well. But he (had) a high-ankle sprain. Hasn’t played. But that’s why we put Skal in. He did what he was supposed to. I was hoping Alex could do that because that’s the shot that’s there against that. Or you drive right down the middle.”

On playing well in a tough environment …
“I’m still hacked off that we lost. I’ll probably think of something that was good. We fought and when you have a chance to win like we did, you choke it. Every play is a winning play. And it’s not just about missing free throws. OK, we missed, but if I showed them tape this week of teams down nine. Virginia, showed them the end of that game with Wake (Forest). You’re never out of it. Just keep playing. Well, when we missed those free throws, it’s kind of like we let go of the rope. And I just had talked about it. But it’s all part of the growth of this team and stuff that I have to do. I got a lot of work to do. I really do. A lot of work to do. Ae were relying on one guy. You can’t do that. And I couldn’t get him enough of a break. I was going to take him out. The game was so close, he said, ‘Leave me in.’ Derek getting in foul trouble really affected us. But I would say, if you’re watching the game you would probably say it was a heck of a game. I’m sick to my stomach.”

On how the team kept the ball out of Perry Ellis’ hands …
“We were playing off a couple of guys. The problem is that Carlton Bragg went in and we said, ‘You have to play him.’ And we played off of him, then he made three jumpers. We said, ‘Guys, play him like you play Perry Ellis. You have to play him.’ Perry is a terrific player and this ended up being a guard game more than anything else. It kind of neutralized everything else.”

On if Allen Fieldhouse is different to him since the last time he was there …
“I love the place. I love the campus. I mean, if you’re a college student and you’re in the Midwest – really, anywhere – this is a college campus, a college life, student life. And then the pride to take this basketball program, you know, Bill (Self) has taken it to another level. But it’s always been here and being able to coach in the building – That’s the first time I’ve coached in there. The other thing, the programs are so similar. There’s two things: Have Kansas fans ever rushed the court in this building?
Reporter: Once when Roy (Williams) was here.
Cal: See, that’s Roy’s fault. (laughter) But like at Kentucky, if we beat the (Los Angeles) Lakers at the buzzer from halfcourt, banked it, they would never run. These fans are the same. Let me just say, I go a lot of places, and the respect like our fans – We lost to Texas A&M, a kid had 41 points, our fans gave him a standing ovation when he left the building. We lost, he got a standing ovation. That’s how these fans are. I mean, how they treated all of our fans, I mean you had some people, but the normal, ‘Hey, I’m glad you’re here. You’re going to lose, you know you’re going to lose.’ But they will respect – It’s what this is about. They’re not in here drunk. It’s just a great environment to coach in, to play in. And Kentucky is very similar the way things are done there.”

On what he made of Isaiah Briscoe’s game today …
“Yeah he missed some free throws, but he played pretty well. He cramped up. I was playing guys too many minutes. We put a couple guys in. I put two guys in, one got four points on one guy, then I put in another guy and they got seven points on the other guy. It limited well, we were able to go two on the bench.”

On if it was attrition or fatigue once the game was in overtime …
“Probably both. Getting beat up.”

On if he though Frank Mason’s midcourt shot was going in …
“I did. I looked and said, ‘You have to be kidding me.’ And I looked again and I went, ‘Phew.’ It was funny, I talked to a friend of mine who is a big Kansas fan and he says, ‘I hope you lose by one.’ And I said, ‘I hope we win on a halfcourt bank-shot by one.’ And that thing almost went in and I know he was up there saying, ‘Oh my gosh, it almost happened.’ ”

On if the team managed to take a step forward tonight even in defeat …
“No because we’re still doing the same things. It’s losing basketball, it’s Auburn all over again. It just wasn’t the entire game. At Auburn, it was for 15 minutes. Here it was about for five minutes. It was about five or six minutes of losing basketball. All we’ll do is just go possession by possession, is that losing or winning basketball? And they have to say it’s losing. Then you go to the next possession, both offense and defense, the last five, six minutes of regulation and even some in the overtime. But that’s my job to teach them how to win. They fought, they followed a game-plan. We had two days and we went to a different offense. We didn’t play this way all year. We went to a different way of playing and they responded to it. The young guys and even a couple of the vets, we just have to get them to understand the plays you have to make in this kind of game.”

Video/Transcript: UK Players Tyler Ulis, Alex Poythress Post-UK 84 vs @Kansas 90 OT 2016 Big 12/SEC Challenge Interviews

Video courtesy of kywildcatstv


On how much he believes UK proved itself …
“I feel like we came out into their building, fought hard, played hard the whole game, the whole 40 minutes, and we have to keep our heads up for that.”

On Kansas moving to a triangle and two …
“Yeah, I didn’t have many openings. I forced a few things late, should have gave the ball up, but it’s something we have to work on.”

On him being hard on himself with his two late turnovers …
“Yeah, those late turnovers weren’t needed. I should have just gave the ball up late. Turned it over in regulation at the end, and then late in overtime. That’s just not something I normally do.”

On if Jamal Murray was supposed to be cutting along the baseline on his turnover late in regulation …
“No, it was a set play. We didn’t get into it, but it’s not the reason I turned it over.”


On if he felt like he was fighting against the officials in the second half with all the foul calls …
“No. We just have to learn to play without fouling. That’s something we’ve been struggling with all year. We just have to learn to keep our hands up and we can’t look for an excuse or anything. We fouled, we shouldn’t have fouled. That probably cost us the game. A lot of us were in foul trouble down the stretch.”

On what he learned about his team …
“We got some fighters. Everybody who was playing was fighting. There’s no such thing as moral victories, but we can all hang our heads today. Everybody who was out there fought, from top to bottom.”

On what Coach Cal wanted UK to do when Kansas went to the triangle and two …
“We just had to change our offense on the floor. They were chasing Tyler and Jamal so it made it difficult to get in our normal set, so we had to change it up on the fly.”

On what makes Kansas junior guard Wayne Selden Jr. so difficult to contain …
“He hits shots, got to the rim, made free throws. He just had a great game.”

On if Selden showed UK anything differently than what it had seen on tape …
“Yeah, we knew he could shoot, we knew he could shoot in the corner off the dribble pin downs and all that stuff. We just didn’t do a great job of guarding him, but he had a great game though.”

On what he would say to Ulis who had a great game but was tough on himself afterward …
“He has no reason to take any blame on himself. A lot of us can take some blame. We didn’t guard down the stretch so he’s not the reason we lost. It’s a team effort collectively. We just have to learn how to finish games out. It was close, we had a chance to win it, we didn’t get two late rebounds down the stretch, then we couldn’t execute at the end of regulation. So, it’s just tough.”

On the atmosphere at Allen Fieldhouse …
“Oh, it was crazy. Loudest atmosphere I’ve ever been in.”

On if he can draw any comparisons to the 2013-14 team that had close losses on the road …
“Yeah, I guess you can say you draw some comparisons, but each year we’re a different team. We just have to learn how to finish games out. That’s essentially it. We get in these close games and we lose leads and then we just let go of the rope. We can’t be doing that from here on forward.”

Video's: Kansas Head Coach Bill Self, Wayne Selden, Frank Mason, Devonte Graham Post-Kentucky 84 vs @Kansas90 OT Big 12/SEC Challenge - College Gameday Interviews

Video's courtesy of Scott Anderson

Gameday: Tyler Ulis has his 9th 20+ point game UK 84 vs @Kansas90 OT Big 12/SEC Challenge - College Gameday

UK Men's Basketball Final: Kentucky 84 vs @Kansas90 OT Big 12/SEC Challenge - College Gameday

That was a battle. Both teams keep heads held high.

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A game like that, the margins are small: a play here or there, down the stretch.

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UK Men's Basketball Halftime: UK 46 vs @Kansas 40 Big 12/SEC Challenge - College Gameday

Fight, battle, grit. #UKvsKU

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No made half-court shot on @CollegeGameDay, today, but Tony Barbee was money from midcourt.

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Shootaround dunks in Allen Fieldhouse #UKvsKU #Big12SECChallenge #RefuseToLose

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Laser focus today. #UKvsKU #Big12SECChallenge #RefuseToLose

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#Repost from @ukphotogs ・・・ Brothers on 3! #BBN #weareuk #UKvsKU

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It's almost time. #UKvsKU #RefuseToLose

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SEC Men's Basketball Schedule 1/30/16

Saturday, January 30, 2016

  • 12:00 PM (6) West Virginia vs Florida ESPN

  • 12:00 PM Vanderbilt vs Texas ESPN2

  • 2:00 PM Ole Miss vs Kansas State ESPNU

  • 2:00 PM Tennessee vs TCU ESPN2

  • 2:00 PM (19) Iowa State vs (10) Texas A&M ESPN

  • 4:00 PM Texas Tech vs Arkansas ESPNU

  • 5:00 PM (1) Oklahoma vs LSU ESPN

  • 6:00 PM Georgia vs (13) Baylor ESPN2

  • 6:00 PM Alabama vs (24) South Carolina SEC NETWORK

  • 7:00 PM (23) Kentucky vs (3) Kansas ESPN

  • 8:00 PM Oklahoma State vs Auburn ESPN2

  • 8:30 PM Miss St vs Missouri SEC NETWORK

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Video: UK arrives in Kansas for the 2016 Big 12/SEC Challenge Game

Gameday Video/Photo: UK vs @Kansas Big 12/SEC Challenge Pre - Game Practice Shoot Around

Into the Phog. #RefuseToLose

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Allen Fieldhouse is special, but this is a business trip and it's time to get down to business. #RefuseToLose

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