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Video/Transcript: UK Players Marcus Lee, Tyler Ulis, Jamal Murray, Dominique Hawkins, Skal Labissiere, Isaiah Briscoe Locker-Room Post - #4 UK 67 vs #5 Indiana 73 ~ Second Round First Round ~ 2016 NCAA Men's Tournament East Region Wells Fargo Arena - Des Moines, Iowa Comments

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On how Indiana was playing defense so well …
“I felt like we were in a great rhythm starting off the game and going into the second half. And then we kind of missed shots, missed defensive plays that kind of stopped us from keep on rolling.”
On Indiana’s pick-and-roll play …
“We didn’t adjust to that and figure that out throughout the game.”
On how much were they trying to establish a postgame …
“It was huge for us to establish a postgame today. We tried to get it in as much as possible, and like I said, things just didn’t go the right way.”
On if Indiana was a step up of competition from the SEC …
“Well I mean, it’s a battle each day. It might be a different battle, but the SEC prepared us to play any team just by them being a force. It just didn’t happen today.”
On what thoughts come to his mind on this season …
“I love this team. That’s pretty much all you can say because at the end of the day, 30 years from now, you’re not thinking about this huge loss. You’re thinking about the people you were here with. I’m just glad I was here with this team.”
On how much did he bond with this year’s players …
“I bonded a lot with them this year. They’re my everything this year. They’ve been with me with just about everything. So having them means the world to me.”


On how much of a burden did he and Jamal Murray feel to carry the scoring …
“We felt that we were responsible, that we needed to do it. We talked about it before the game, we talked about it during the game. At one point, we just looked at each other like, ‘We have to go.’ We tried.”
On what he was feeling when he fouled out …
“I didn’t know I fouled out.”
On if this year’s ending was worse than last year …
“No. This year is a lot different because we had a lot of younger guys and we had losses. Last year we didn’t have any. But at the end of the day, we still lost. We didn’t make it as far as we wanted.”
On the pressure that was on him …
“I don’t believe in the pressure. But I feel like I grew as a leader, trying to help the younger guys and stuff like that. I just wanted to do it for this team.”
On the competition with Yogi Ferrell …
“He’s a great guard, really fast. He knows how to run his team, he’s experienced. It was a great game.”
On what was different on how they guarded the pick-and-roll …
“No, we’ve seen every possible defense and pick-and-roll. That’s what our offense has been based off of, so no team scheme tried to stop that. We’ve seen everything possible and we got what we wanted out of it a lot of times. But no, they just played a great game.”
On if it was hard to find a rhythm all game …
“It was just defensively, we broke down a couple of times what cost us the game. Offensively, you’re not going to have a great night every day. But defensively, we shouldn’t have broke down like we did. That’s why we lost.”
On if he’s thinking about different individual plays …
“Yeah, definitely a couple of transition 3s that I missed. Rebounds that we missed. It was just a lot of stuff.”
On what he will remember about this year …
“Just how everybody on this team, we had a lot of fun this year. Everybody was close, we got along on and off the court. I don’t want to end the season with these guys, but it’s over. Everybody came out and played hard every night. Guys got better as a team. Individually, guys started playing a lot better. Skal (Labissiere), from where he was early to where he’s at now, he was blocking shots, getting rebounds early in the game. Guys just developed as players.”
On if the team depended too much on him …


Unrecorded question …
“I learned a lot off the court. I learned a lot about the people and about everything. Just on the court, learning how to play winning basketball. How to be a leader, even though I’m the two-guard. How to play with three guards. How to mix it up, how to find new ways to get my shot off. I just learned so much.”
On if it’s his last game with UK …
“Hope not. I want to be with this team. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about that. I hadn’t planned on being out this early. This wasn’t my plan, you know. But I have to work around it and see what happens from here. But I would love to play with these group of guys again.”


On what Tyler Ulis has meant to the program the past two years …“He means a lot. I think last game he broke John Wall’s (single-season assist) record. That’s a big deal for anybody to do in the regular season. He’s going to be remembered by everybody, even if he stays or if he leaves.”
On if he knows whether Ulis will stay or go …“No, we really don’t know what anybody is going to do to be honest.”
On giving UK energy …“I was just going out there and trying to play hard, do whatever it takes to win.”
On what he will remember when he looks back on the season …“It was a great season for us. It just didn’t turn out where we wanted to be. A lot of the guys always came out every night and played terrific for us.”
On moments that come to mind from this season …“Definitely Tyler being the leader, carrying the team. Everybody has a different, unique part to this team. To be able to make it this far is a blessing. We wish we would have made it further.”
On what Thomas Bryant was doing differently at the end of the game …“I feel like we screwed up on defense and he was open, and he got a couple dunks when he was wide open.”
On how this loss compares to the Final Four losses …“It’s way different. It definitely sucks. Definitely want to go further than this. Plus, it’s Kentucky basketball, we’re known for going all the way to the Final Four, championship games. It’s just frustrating that we couldn’t come out with the win.”
On if they felt like they couldn’t get into an offensive rhythm …“I felt like we had a lot of shots that were open that we didn’t make. We take the shots that we usually always take – we usually make them, but tonight we just couldn’t hit them.
“It’s just one of those nights we couldn’t shoot really well.”


On how important it was to establish a post presence …“It was very important. I knew they were really counting on me to score on the block, and I couldn’t really make shots. My hooks were not falling and stuff like that. That was pretty important.”
On Ulis and Jamal Murray having to carry the scoring load …“I don’t know. We’re not making shots with the rest of the team. We kind of let them down a little bit.”
On if he will test the NBA waters …“I’m just focusing – what just happened right now I’m pretty disappointed. That’s what I’m thinking about right now.”
On what he will remember when he looks back on this season …“I don’t know right now. I don’t know what to think right now. I’m just thinking about what just happened and that’s all that’s sticking out to me right now.”
On never giving up at the end …“That’s what our mentality has been the whole season: Fighting. Coach Cal always tells us that it’s not over until it’s over. That was our mentality in the last minute of the game and we didn’t come through.”


On Ulis trying to will them to victory at the end …“Yeah, and that’s what he does. He just tries to lead us to victory.”
On if anyone was crying in the locker room after the loss …“There were a few guys.”
On when he began to think they may lose …“We respected Indiana coming into the game. They fought hard. At no point in the game while there was time on the clock did I think we were going to lose.”
On how much credit Indiana’s defense should get …“I mean, give them credit. I’m not going to say don’t. But at the same time, we should have got whatever shots that we wanted and it just wasn’t falling today.”
On if he will test the NBA waters …“I’m not thinking about that.”
On what he will remember when he looks back on this season …“I had fun. I think everybody on this team had fun. Everybody on this team got along with each other, and we were a family.”
On watching last year’s team lose in the Final Four from home and how he feels now …“We’re not the same team as last team. That’s not the point. Don’t try to compare us to them. We’re our own team. We have our own identity. We lost in the second round.”

On defensive plays made at the end and what didn’t happen that needed to happen …“We didn’t execute at the end.”

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