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Transcript: Canisius Head Coach Reggie Witherspoon, Player Kassius Robertson Post UK 93 vs Canisius 69 Comments

Canisius Head Coach Reggie Witherspoon Post UK 93 vs Canisius 69 Comments

Opening statement…
“I thought the game was a fast-paced game, probably a little faster than our depth handled tonight. We were able to move the ball and get some good looks, but a team like this recovers quickly and sometimes a good look can still be difficult. But we had pockets where we played well, but weren’t able to sustain it. Overall, hopefully an experience that we can get better.”

On how he thought his team got better in the game…
“Well, again, I thought we had pockets of play where we moved the ball well and got good looks. I think this game, more than anything, was an opportunity for our young men to get an experience that enables them to realize that we’ve got to pay attention to every detail. When you have a breakdown, typically you’re going to pay for it. So, we had little minor breakdowns. I thought the first half we got in foul trouble quickly, and those are opportunities for us to learn as well. Learning the hard way is no fun for anybody, but we had some of those. But I thought there were situations when the game started, I thought we were pretty alert and ready to play and I thought we stayed that way for most of the first ten minutes. In the second half, we were that way offensively but we had a hard time getting stops. So, I think overall we probably put together 15-or-so pretty good minutes of basketball, but as you know, that’s not enough.”

On what stood out to him about Isaiah Briscoe…
“You could see that he was a veteran and that he had been through it. Overall, what stood out was that he was physical and his aggressiveness. So, I thought his poise while he did that. Sometimes, you know, it’s difficult to arrive at that kind of balance where you’re aggressive, you’re physical, but you’re still poised and I thought he played that way for them.”

On what he was thinking when they were up 9-2 and 29-23… “
It’s the kind of start you want to kind of get off to here because you don’t want to play from the root and have them get on you. The last time I was in this building with Alabama, they jumped on us early. I thought from that standpoint, ‘This gives us a chance to move forward with the game.’ I thought we were okay until foul trouble, and then you go from hoping that you have five guys, maybe six, maybe seven are prepared, to all the sudden you play nine and 10 guys, and it might be a little bit beyond what they’re prepared for. So, that kind of hurt us a little bit. But I thought the start of the game was pretty much what we wanted.”

On the effect of freshmen guards De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk for Kentucky…
“Yeah, speed. Speed and quickness. If you’re a little bit out of position, they’re at the rim and we saw that on our video coming in and we saw that up close today. Those are the things you have to learn from. Transition, a couple times, we scored and they got out of the net and got it up the sideline and got it to the basket before we could get back. Those are things that we’ve been working on regardless of opponent, and what our hope is, is that we learned something today that will enable us to defend at a pace that goes that quickly.”

#5, Kassius Robertson, Junior, G

On being picked ninth in their league and still leading Kentucky through 17 minutes …
“Yeah, it means a lot about how we were playing, like Reggie said, in a good 15 minutes of the game. But like Coach said also, you’ve got to put 40 minutes together. So, it doesn’t matter how good we play for 29 minutes, 39 minutes, it doesn’t really matter. But I think it’s a really good learning experience playing in this kind of venue and then taking it back to the MAAC. I think it will prepare our guys really well. Like I said, I was really happy with how we were playing in the first 10-15 minutes. We just kind of failed some assignments going into the second half and coming out starting the second half too.”

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