Sunday, January 08, 2017

Transcript: UK Hoops Player Makayla Epps Post UK Hoops 68 vs Texas A&M 77 Comments

#25 Makayla Epps, G

On recovering from this result ...
"Tuesday morning we have practice so we're going to look to get better. Hats off to Texas A&M. They're a tough team in the league. Every league game is tough. We never expect to blow anybody out or have it easy out there, but the SEC is tough. Every team we play on Sunday and Thursday is going to be tough. We just have to get ready for Tuesday against Bama."

On missed layups ..."It was a tough day. We got up in the first quarter, then they fought back and got the lead at halftime and they hit a wild shot there at the end, and we missed some free throws down the stretch. It's just another one of those things for this team to keep our composure, and stay positive. It's just hard to see them hit a big shot when you're down three or six and she hits a crazy shot. It's just hard, and it's something that we have to keep working on."

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